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Elaine Cohen


Publications by Elaine Cohen (bibliography)

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Johnson, David E. and Cohen, Elaine (2009): Computing surface offsets and bisectors using a sampled constraint solver. In: Proceedings of the 2009 Conference on Graphics Interface 2009. pp. 31-37.

This paper describes SCSolver, a geometric constraint solver based on adaptive sampling of an underlying constraint space. The solver is demonstrated on the computation of the offset to a surface as well as the computation of the bisector between two surfaces. The adaptive constraint sampling generates a solution manifold through a generalized dual-contouring approach appropriate for higher-dimensional problems. Experimental results show that the SCSolver approach can compute solutions for complex input geometry at interactive rates for each example application.

© All rights reserved Johnson and Cohen and/or their publisher

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Kaplan, Matthew and Cohen, Elaine (2007): Reconstructing the frontal geometry of drawings of arbitrary surfaces. In Computers & Graphics, 31 (4) pp. 568-579.

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Elber, Gershon and Cohen, Elaine (2006): Probabilistic silhouette based importance toward line-art non-photorealistic rendering. In The Visual Computer, 22 (9) pp. 793-804.

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Johnson, David E. and Cohen, Elaine (2005): Distance extrema for spline models using tangent cones. In: Graphics Interface 2005 May 9-11, 2005, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. pp. 169-175.

We present a robust search for distance extrema from a point to a curve or a surface. The robustness comes from using geometric operations rather than numerical methods to find all local extrema. Tangent cones are used to search for regions where distance extrema conditions are satisfied and patch refinement hierarchically improves the search. Instead of preprocessing and storing a large hierarchy, elements are computed as needed and retained only if useful. However, for spatially coherent queries, this provides a significant speedup.

© All rights reserved Johnson and Cohen and/or their publisher

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Potter, Kristin, Johnson, David E. and Cohen, Elaine (2004): Height Field Haptics. In: HAPTICS 2004 - 12th International Symposium on Haptic Interfaces for Virtual Environment and Teleoperator Systems 27-28 March, 2004, Chicago, IL, USA. pp. 258-265.

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Johnson, David E. and Cohen, Elaine (2001): Spatialized normal come hierarchies. In: SI3D 2001 2001. pp. 129-134.

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Nelson, Donald D. and Cohen, Elaine (2000): Optimization-Based Virtual Surface Contact Manipulation at Force Control Rates. In: VR 2000 2000. pp. 37-44.

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Nelson, Donald D. and Cohen, Elaine (1999): Interactive Mechanical Design Variation for Haptics and CAD. In Comput. Graph. Forum, 18 (3) pp. 287-296.

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Johnson, David E., II, Thomas V. Thompson, Kaplan, Matthew, Nelson, Donald D. and Cohen, Elaine (1999): Painting Textures with a Haptic Interface. In: VR 1999 1999. pp. 282-285.

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II, Thomas V. Thompson, Johnson, David E. and Cohen, Elaine (1997): Direct Haptic Rendering of Sculptured Models. In: SI3D 1997 1997. pp. 167-176.

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Grimm, Cindy, Pugmire, David, Bloomenthal, Mark, Hughes, John and Cohen, Elaine (1995): Visual Interfaces for Solids Modeling. In: Robertson, George G. (ed.) Proceedings of the 8th annual ACM symposium on User interface and software technology November 15 - 17, 1995, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. pp. 51-60.

This paper explores the use of visual operators for solids modeling. We focus on designing interfaces for free-form operators such as blends, sweeps, and deformations, because these operators have a large number of interacting parameters whose effects are often determined by an underlying parameterization. In this type of interactive modeling good solutions to the design problem have aesthetic as well as engineering components. Traditionally, interaction with the parameters of these operators has been through text editors, curve editors, or trial-and-error with a slider bar. Parametric values have been estimated from data, but not interactively. These parameters are usually one- or two-dimensional, but the operators themselves are intrinsically three-dimensional in that they are used to model surfaces visualized in 3D. The traditional textual style of interaction is tedious and interposes a level of abstraction between the parameters and the resulting surface. A 3D visual interface has the potential to reduce or eliminate these problems by combining parameters and representing them with a higher-level visual tool. The visual tools we present not only speed up the process of determining good parameter values but also provide visual interactions that are either independent of the particular parameterizations or make explicit the effect of the parameterizations. Additionally, these tools can be manipulated in the same 3D space as the surfaces produced by the operators, supporting quick, interactive exploration of the large design space of these free-form operators. This paper discusses the difficulties in creating a coherent user interface for interactive modeling. To this end we present four principles for designing visual operators, using several free-form visual operators as concrete examples.

© All rights reserved Grimm et al. and/or ACM Press

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Cohen, Elaine (1987): A New Local Basis for Designing with Tensioned Splines. In ACM Transactions on Graphics, 6 (2) pp. 81-122.

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