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David A. Marca

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"David Marca"

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OpenProcess, Inc.

David A. Marca is the founder of OpenProcess, Inc., a consulting firm for Internet-ready business process and global e-Business solutions. Regarding IDEF0/SADT, since the 70s, David has taught and consulted with the methodology in Italy, Norway, Mexico and Japan, and throughout the United States. Based on IDEF methodologies, his firm launched a new, best-in-class service in 2009 to help companies improve business during austere times. David is currently a Lecturer at Edgewood College, where he teaches undergraduate, graduate and MBA courses for the School of Business and the School of Information Technology. David is also currently a professor at the University of Phoenix Online School, where he teaches undergraduate, graduate and MBA courses. David is often a keynote speaker at international conferences. His six books and 26 papers cover process modeling, business process reengineering, e-Business, and software engineering. He holds a patent in workflow technology. He is the co-author of the book, entitled "IDEF0 and SADT: A Modeler's Guide," 3rd edition. David is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and the Project Management Institute (PMI). He is the co-Chair for the IEEE Chapter of Madison, WI, and its Entrepreneur's Network. David is also the co-chair of the International Conference on e-Business (ICE-B).


Publications by David A. Marca (bibliography)

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Marca, David A. (2008): e-Business Innovation: Surviving the Coming Decades. In: International Conference on e-Business July 23, 2008, Porto, Portugal. p. 11.

Innovation is invention or application of technologies or theories that radically alters business and the economy. For the last 200 years, innovation and the economy have been locked in 80-year cycles, which might imply that innovation is an economic driver, and vice versa. Based on this relationship, some forecast that innovation and the economy will decrease sharply due to several forces: a) rapidly decreasing economic growth, b) increasing demand for custom services, c) more entrepreneurial work environments, and d) urban and environmental degradation. Should such forecasts hold true, business may need to alter its offerings, operations and organization to survive. Such a scenario may also necessitate applied e-Business innovation: the combining of existing internet, wireless, broadband, and video technologies. One possible result: highly flexible front offices seamlessly integrated with highly efficient back offices. Such an e-Business could comprise: a) a customer-based and transaction-based organization, b) functions for adaptive offerings that anticipate consumer need, c) highly responsive, real-time, operations having no inventory, and d) value-based front-end, and automated back-end, decision making.

© All rights reserved Marca and/or Springer

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Marca, David A. and McGowan, Clement (2006): IDEF0 and SADT: A Modeler's Guide, 3rd Edition. Boston, Massachusetts, OpenProcess, Inc

IDEF0 (and its predecessor SADT) has been in use in the U.S.A., Europe, Australia and Japan for over thirty years. It is still the most complete, thorough and fully tested functional modeling method for the design and description of complex systems or enterprises available today. The IDEF0 graphical language shows activities and the information and material that flow among them in an intuitively understood block diagram notation. The IDEF0 method covers: knowledge acquisition and structuring, consensus building, model maintenance and change control, and documentation. Examples from financial management, aerospace manufacturing and data processing are discussed. Usability Engineering depends on knowledge such as a complete and accurate description of the many concurrent functions that comprise a system or enterprise, and how those functions interact and depend on each other to carry out the mission of the organization or respond to business events. Only IDEF0 provides all of the components required to do so effectively.

© All rights reserved Marca and McGowan and/or OpenProcess, Inc

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Hutchings, Tony, Hyde, Michael G., Marca, David A. and Cohen, Lou (1993): Process Improvement That Lasts: An Integrated Training and Consulting Method. In Communications of the ACM, 36 (10) pp. 104-113.

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Marca, David A. and Bock, Geoffrey (1992): Groupware: Software for Computer Supported Cooperative Work. Los Alamitos, California, IEEE Computer Society Press

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Marca, David A. and Bock, Geoffrey (eds.) (1992): Groupware: Software for Computer-Supported Cooperative Work. Los Alamitos, CA, IEEE Computer Society Press

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