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Christof Weinhardt


Publications by Christof Weinhardt (bibliography)

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Block, Carsten, Neumann, Dirk and Weinhardt, Christof (2008): A Market Mechanism for Energy Allocation in Micro-CHP Grids. In: HICSS 2008 - 41st Hawaii International International Conference on Systems Science 7-10 January, 2008, Waikoloa, Big Island, HI, USA. p. 172. Available online

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Riordan, Ryan, Blau, Benjamin, Neumann, Dirk and Weinhardt, Christof (2008): Collaborative Continuous Service Engineering: A Case Study in a Financial Service Environment. In: HICSS 2008 - 41st Hawaii International International Conference on Systems Science 7-10 January, 2008, Waikoloa, Big Island, HI, USA. p. 112. Available online

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Neumann, Dirk, Schnizler, Bjorn, Weber, Ilka and Weinhardt, Christof (2007): Second-Best Combinatorial Auctions - The Case of the Pricing-Per-Column Mechanism. In: HICSS 2007 - 40th Hawaii International International Conference on Systems Science 3-6 January, 2007, Waikoloa, Big Island, HI, USA. p. 33. Available online

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Lamparter, Steffen, Ankolekar, Anupriya, Studer, Rudi, Oberle, Daniel and Weinhardt, Christof (2006): A policy framework for trading configurable goods and services in open electronic markets. In: Fox, Mark S. and Spencer, Bruce (eds.) Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Electronic Commerce - ICEC 2006 2006, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. pp. 162-173. Available online

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Weinhardt, Christof, Neumann, Dirk and Holtmann, Carsten (2006): Germany: computer-aided market engineering. In Communications of the ACM, 49 (7) p. 79. Available online

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Holtmann, Carsten, Lattemann, Christoph, Strecker, Stefan and Weinhardt, Christof (2001): Transforming Financial Markets to Retail Investors - A Comparison of the U.S. and the German On-line Brokerage Market. In: HICSS 2001 2001. . Available online

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Gomber, Peter, Schmidt, Claudia and Weinhardt, Christof (2000): Pricing in Multiagent Systems for Transportation Planning. In Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, 10 (4) pp. 271-280.

In electronic commerce, the intraorganizational coordination of directly responsible units, for example profit centers or firms within an affiliated group, is of increasing importance. These organizational units can be modeled within a multiagent system (MAS), an interconnection of autonomous information systems. In this article, we investigate coordination mechanisms for MAS in decentralized transportation planning that ensure efficient allocation of scarce resources on the basis of local planning processes. In the domain of transportation, planning problems are characterized by large amounts of data, limitations of time for planning, and the intractability of computational problems. Auctions as market-like coordination mechanisms are discussed with respect to the trade-off between theoretical evidence on the quality of the allocation and computational tractability. Therefore, 2 pricing mechanisms are investigated, the generalized Vickrey auction and pricing per column.

© All rights reserved Gomber et al. and/or Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

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Weinhardt, Christof and Gomber, Peter (1999): Agent-Mediated Off-Exchange Trading. In: HICSS 1999 1999. . Available online

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