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Ann Peterson Bishop


Publications by Ann Peterson Bishop (bibliography)

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Nam, Chaebong and Bishop, Ann Peterson (2011): This is the real me: a community informatics researcher joins the barrio arts, culture, and communication academy in a health information campaign. In: Proceedings of the 2011 iConference 2011. pp. 371-378.

In this paper, we describe the ongoing collaboration in community informatics (CI) between the University of Illinois and Paseo Boricua, a neighborhood in Chicago. We illustrate the nature of the partnership by presenting an early set of findings from one specific study that grew from the partnership: a qualitative CI study that investigated the community-based health campaign led by youth on Paseo Boricua. Study findings deal with knowledge that sits at the intersection of youth development, community health promotion, and digital media literacy, and how that knowledge was discovered, created, and disseminated. In addition, we discuss study issues significant for the field of CI research. This paper is especially relevant for those whose research, teaching, and professional practice involves engagement with marginalized communities, that is, those who are often excluded from scholarly endeavors and meaningful social interaction in academia.

© All rights reserved Nam and Bishop and/or ACM Press

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Bishop, Ann Peterson, Bazzell, Imani, Mehra, Bharat and Smith, Cynthia (2001): Afya: Social and Digital Technologies that Reach across the Digital Divide. In First Monday, 6 (4) .

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Contractor, Noshir S. and Bishop, Ann Peterson (2000): Reconfiguring Community Networks: The Case of PrairieKNOW. In: Ishida, Toru and Isbister, Katherine (eds.) Digital Cities - Technologies Experiences and Future Perspectives September, 2000, Kyoto, Japan. pp. 151-164. http://

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Bishop, Ann Peterson, Mehra, Bharat, Bazzell, Imani and Smith, Cynthia (2000): Socially Grounded User Studies in Digital Library Development. In First Monday, 5 (6) .

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Bishop, Ann Peterson, Neumann, Laura J., Star, Susan Leigh, Merkel, Cecelia, Ignacio, Emily and Sandusky, Robert J. (2000): Digital libraries: Situating use in changing information infrastructure. In JASIST - Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 51 (4) pp. 394-413.

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Bishop, Ann Peterson (1999): Making Digital Libraries Go: Comparing use Across Genres. In: DL99: Proceedings of the 4th ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries 1999. pp. 94-103.

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Schatz, Bruce R., Mischo, William H., Cole, Timothy W., Bishop, Ann Peterson, Harum, Susan, Johnson, Eric H., Neumann, Laura J., Chen, Hsinchun and Ng, Tobun Dorbin (1999): Federated Search of Scientific Literature. In IEEE Computer, 32 (2) pp. 51-59.

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Bishop, Ann Peterson (1998): Digital Libraries and Knowledge Disaggregation: The Use of Journal Article Components. In: DL98: Proceedings of the 3rd ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries 1998. pp. 29-39.

A scientific journal article is comprised of standard components, such as author names, an abstract, figures, a bibliography, and sections describing methods and results. With the creation of digital documents and new tools for manipulating them comes the ability to facilitate the disaggregation of journal articles into separate components. This paper describes how article components are identified, mobilized, and used by students and faculty members, based on the preliminary analysis of data collected through focus groups, workplace interviews, transaction logging, and usability testing associated with the University of Illinois Digital Libraries Initiative project. The paper presents a schema of component use purposes, discusses the intellectual and physical processes of component use, identifies several issues and implications for digital library design, and highlights the need for multiple methods in studying document disaggregation.

© All rights reserved Bishop and/or ACM Press

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Schatz, Bruce R., Mischo, William H., Cole, Timothy W., Hardin, Joseph B., Bishop, Ann Peterson and Chen, Hsinchun (1996): Federating Diverse Collections of Scientific Literature. In IEEE Computer, 29 (5) pp. 28-36.

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Doty, Philip and Bishop, Ann Peterson (1994): The National Information Infrastructure and Electronic Publishing: A Reflective Essay. In JASIST - Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 45 (10) pp. 785-799.

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