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Monika Fleischmann


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Fraunhofer IAIS

Prof. Monika Fleischmann is a German researcher, media artist, interaction designer, theorist and curator of new media art. She studied fashion design, visual arts, art- and theatre pedagogy, scenography and computer grafics in Zurich, Berlin and Vienna. Since 1987 she co-operates with architect Wolfgang Strauss. The media art pioneer was co-founder and artistic director of Art + Com in Berlin (1987), the first research institute in Germany for digital media. Since 1997 she has been Head of the Art & Technology department, the MARS - Exploratory Media Lab at GMD-Institute for Media Communication, since 2004 at Fraunhofer Institute of Intelligent Analyses and Information Systems in Sankt Augustin, Germany. In 2000/01 the TIME magazine ranks Monika Fleischmann among the People to Watch. From 2001 to date she organized and curated the digital sparks student-contest and TalentScout in german speaking Europe to foster students and to monitor the evolution of teaching and learning new media. From 2002-07 she was appointed advisor to the German State Ministers for Culture. In her project eCulture Factory (Bremen 2005-08), she developed a transfer model for the creative city and brings innovative prototypes from research into the society. In 2008 she was appointed honorary professor for media theory and interactive media art of the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen. Her current research at Fraunhofer IAIS includes Cultural Analytics and Audio-Visual Interface Design. As visiting professor in Bremen and Siegen she is teaching cultural interfaces, interactive media art and scenography in theory and practice.


Publications by Monika Fleischmann (bibliography)

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Fleischmann, Monika, Strauss, Wolfgang, Kluszczyński, Ryszard W., Kerkhove, Derrick de and Farulli, Luca (2011): Performing Data - Monika Fleischmann, Wolfgang Strauss. Gdansk, Poland, National Centre for Culture, Warszawa in collaboration with Laznia CCArt 2011

Performing Data is a review of Fleischmann and Strauss body of work from Virtual Reality (Home of the Brain) up to Mixed Reality (Murmuring Fields or Energie-Passagen), from Fluid (Liquid Views) to Rigid (Rigid Waves) up to Floating Interface (Media Flow). Performing Data | Performowanie danych. Monika Fleischmann&Wolfgang Strauss. The catalog with DVD and essays by Ryszard W. Kluszczyński, Derrick de Kerckhove, Luca Farulli, was released in September 2011 (en/pl). Editors: National Centre for Culture, Warszawa 2011 in collaboration with Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdańsk, 2011. ISBN 978-83-61587-55-2 (en/pl)

© All rights reserved Fleischmann et al. and/or National Centre for Culture, Warszawa in collaboration with Laznia CCArt 2011

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Fleischmann, Monika and Strauss, Wolfgang (2009): Berechnete Gedanken - Interaktivitt als mediale Spiegelung. In: Matzker, Reiner and Dreyer, Ursula (eds.). "Medienwissenschaft. Teil 8: Verstndigung ber die Verstndigung. Aspekte der Medienkompetenz". Berlin, Germany: Peter Lang Publishing Grouppp. 11-128

In diesem Artikel beschreiben wir die Evolution von Interaktivitt in der Medienkunst, die einhergeht mit der Entwicklung von Vernetzungsstrukturen und der Herausbildung disziplinbergreifender Arbeitsweisen. Am Beispiel eigener Werke interaktiver Medien-Kunst der vergangenen 20 Jahre zeichnen wir die Entwicklung und Vernderung digitaler Medien von einer neuartigen sthetischen Erfahrung ber eine verstrkte Raumorientierung bis hin zum kulturellen Wissens- und Gedchtnisspeicher nach.

© All rights reserved Fleischmann and Strauss and/or Peter Lang Publishing Group

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Fleischmann, Monika and Strauss, Wolfgang (2008): Digital Sparks 2008. Sankt Augustin, Germany, Fraunhofer IAIS

Wettbewerb und Talentscout fr studentische Medienprojekte der Fachbereiche: Mediengestaltung, Medieninformatik, Medienkunst, Mediale Architektur. (Online-Book.

© All rights reserved Fleischmann and Strauss and/or Fraunhofer IAIS

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Fleischmann, Monika and Strauss, Wolfgang (2008): Staging of the Thinking Space. From Immersion to Performative Presence. In: Seifert, Uwe, Kim, Jin Hyun and Moore, Anthony (eds.). "Paradoxes of Interactivity". Bielefeld, Germany: Transcriptpp. 266-281

The term media art is used here for artistic activity which either uses or schematises digital technology interactively. Media art begins where the traditional film genre ends: with interactive and process-related digital narratives. The cinema builds up a relationship between audience and presentation, and the viewer is promised a collective experience. By contrast, interactive storytelling offers the observer an individually tailored encounter, where the YOU_ser is navigating the story. Based on rules of staging, media art conjoins with other cultural forms of expression such as performance, dance, theatre, film, architecture, sound, design or fashion. Media art gets its poetic strength from the new possibilities of interacting with its audience and from the cross-over between cognitive science and arts. In the last two decades, the authors have carried out media art research in institutes like Art+Com in Berlin, the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne and at Fraunhofer Institutes.

© All rights reserved Fleischmann and Strauss and/or Transcript

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Fleischmann, Monika and Strauss, Wolfgang (2005): Implosion of Numbers - Performative Mixed Reality. In: Flachbart, Georg and Weibel, Peter (eds.). "Disappearing Architecture". Basel, Switzerland: Birkhuser Baselpp. 118-131

On the basis of their artistic work Fleischmann and Strauss show how they connect digital processes with everyday experience, virtual space with physical space. As part of their work they develop interfaces that place people at the center of a process, that looks for intercultural, ethical and aesthetic discourses under digital conditions. They understand their work as artistic research in mixed-reality environments. They talk about the complexity of todays world effected by digital processes and in-/tangible Interfaces. They present their work and show the hidden secrets behind things and reflect technical developments or create a critical and emotional confrontation with them. Media art as a mirror of the world!

© All rights reserved Fleischmann and Strauss and/or Birkhuser Basel

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Fleischmann, Monika and Reinhard, Ulrike (eds.) (2004): Digitale Transformationen. Medienkunst als Schnittstelle von Kunst, Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. Heidelberg, Germany, Whois

Die Publikation "Digitale Transformationen" beschftigt sich mit den grundlegenden Transformationen, welche die Kunst und das moderne Leben durch digitale Technologien erfahren. Theoretiker, Knstler und Wissenschaftler kommen neben Produzenten, Frderern und Vermittlern zu Wort, um die digitalen Transformationen in ihren vielfltigen Rollen und an konkreten Beispielen als neue sthetik und als Innovationsforschung vorzustellen. In der Kunst mit Informationstechnologien geht es um Bild(er-)findungen auf der Grundlage kommunikativer Prozesse, um begriffliche Strategien und kognitive Methoden. Damit mchten die Herausgeberinnen Ulrike Reinhard und Monika Fleischmann nicht nur den klassischen Kulturbereich ansprechen, sondern die Medienkunst als knstlerische Position an der Schnittstelle von Technologie, Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Kultur denen nahe bringen, die bereit sind, diese Kunstform als einen wichtigen Schlsselfaktor fr neues Denken und Innovation anzuerkennen und zu frdern. Medienkunst zeigt neue Weltbilder. Sie zeigt, wie wir verstehen, was wir sehen und hren. Die Texte geben einen Einblick in Diskurs und Praxis im deutschsprachigen Raum und sind hier nachzulesen. ISSN 1614-6662 (ONLINE VERSION)

© All rights reserved Fleischmann and Reinhard and/or Whois

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Novak, Jasminko, Fleischmann, Monika, Strauss, Wolfgang, Wurst, Michael, Morik, Katharina, Kunz, Christoph and Ziegler, Jrgen (2003): Verbindung heterogener Experten-Communities durch die Entdeckung, Visualisierung und Nutzbarmachung von stillem Wissen -- das AWAKE Projekt. In: Szwillus, Gerd and Ziegler, Jrgen (eds.) Mensch and Computer 2003 September 7-10, 2003, Stuttgart, Germany. .

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Strauss, Wolfgang, Fleischmann, Monika, Denzinger, Jochen, Groenegress, Christoph and Li, Yinlin (2003): Information Jukebox - A semi-public device for presenting multimedia information content. In Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 7 (3) pp. 217-220.

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Fleischmann, Monika and Strauss, Wolfgang (eds.) Proceedings of CAST01/Living in Mixed Realities, Conference on Artistic, Cultural and Scientific Aspects of Experimental Media Spaces 21-22. September, 2001, Schloss Birlinghoven, Sankt Augustin, Germany.

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Fleischmann, Monika and Strauss, Wolfgang (2001): Linking between real and virtual spaces: building the Mixed Reality stage environment. In: AUIC 2001 - 2nd Australasian User Interface Conference 29 January - 1 February, 2001, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. pp. 29-33.

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