Write for User Experience Daily!

Write for User Experience Daily!

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So You Want to Tell the World about Your Design Projects and Ideas?That's awesome! However, before you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) we'd ask that you take a few minutes to read these guidelines. We are very strict on quality control here at the User Experience Daily and we expect each article that we publish to meet some minimum standards.

Things to Focus on in an Article

We'd like you to consider the following when you start writing:

  • Practical examples are important when it comes to demonstrating what you know
  • Where possible show how to implement ideas and insights in real life (don't stick to theory unless there's no other choice)
  • Show us your expertise – this includes showing us how you've learned from mistakes – this is what makes you interesting to our community
  • Share your opinions – remember the intention of this kind of work is to get the attention of our community; don't be aggressive or angry and don't go over the top “this is the raddest idea since the wheel” is not good but do tell us what you think

About Writing for Us

Once again you might want to read this before you get creative with the words:

  • It might be better to send us a quick summary of your idea and see if we're interested before you write the whole piece – a nod to go ahead doesn't mean that you will be published but it surely increases the chances of that happening
  • Your work has to meet our quality standards – we receive a lot of material each day and we can't respond to everyone so don't be disappointed if we don't get back to you
  • Your work has to fit into our community's interests – that means UX, UI and Design related ideas.
  • Your work also has to be unique enough to publish – please don't rehash ideas that we've already covered.
  • Don't forget that we're online – articles from 400 to 5,500 word pieces are most likely to be published in User Experience Daily
  • Don't see this is an opportunity to promote a product or something else - blatant advertising will be rejected. Our community is entitled to an ad-free experience.

If we do accept your work for publication – you will get paid:

  • Payment will be made in the form of IDF membership either 6 months, 1 year or more depending on length, quality, etc. Existing IDF members will have their memberships extended.
  • You will also be allowed to include a short bio at the end of the article including a link back to your website

Ready to Rock? Then Let Us Know!

We want to work with writers all over the world and our editor is an Englishman in Cambodia – so we're very serious about this. Please either use the contact form or send an e-mail to rikke.friis.dam@interaction-design.org with the following:

  • Links to any articles you've published in the past or if you haven't published in the past – a copy of the article you'd like us to consider
  • A list of topics that you'd like to write about for us (give us some detail about how you would approach these topics – break down some of the key points and show a sketch of the structure of the article)
  • A rough draft if you already have one

We can't wait to work with you on this. IDF's mission of making design education free depends on professionals from our community as much as it depends on our trainers and office team.

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