IDF seeks new Continent Managers

by Mads Soegaard | | 3 min read

The IxDF is looking for a few Continent Managers: The position is unpaid and will take 4 concentrated hours of work per week. The rewards are enormous in terms of career and network.

Background on the IxDF Local Groups initiative

The IxDF Local Group initiative is run in line with the IDF Mission Statement with the goal of educating, stimulating and inspiring the global design community. A global movement to advocate great design and what great design can do for humankind. Nothing less.

More specifically, the goal of the Local Groups is to create vibrant local groups all over the world…

  • where people frequently meet up and have quality interactions
  • where people meet their future colleague, boss or employee
  • where people smile, laugh, learn and advance their careers

The IxDF Local Group Continent Managers play a vital role in ensuring the growth of the IxDF Local Group initiative.

Why should you apply?

The number one benefit of being an IxDF Continent Manager is status within the global design community. Long-term IxDF leaders build incredibly strong networks with designers, local agencies, corporations, and educational institutions. They are well-respected by these networks. This, in turn, leads to better job opportunities, as well as paid speaking engagements and training and consulting opportunities.

Responsibilities of a Continent Manager

The estimated work burden of a Continent Manager is 4 effective hours per week. The position is unpaid (in financial terms).

  1. A continent manager continually develops and refines the Local Groups strategy for his/her continent, and implements the strategy through the help of the Country Managers and the IxDF Web Development team
  2. A Continent Manager appoints Country Managers on his/her continent for each country.
  3. A Continent Manager continually makes sure that each Country Manager on his/her continent is doing his/her best to keep the quantity and quality of local meetings as high as possible.
  4. The Continent Manager collates and filter feedback from Country Managers. That way, the Continent Managers can work closely with IxDF Web developers on evolving the online part of the Local Groups initiative.

About you

  • You feel strongly about evangelizing great design
  • You have an ability to make things happen
  • You are sociable and of course knowledgeable when it comes to design
  • You don’t necessarily have to be from North America or Asia to apply for one of the positions - as long as you have an international mindset and cross-cultural experience.

How to apply

Please send your CV, Url to LinkedIn profile, or portfolio to Mads Soegaard at . Please also explain why you want to put your heart and mind into this initiative.

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