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It’s mid-week for the majority of people out there and if you’re struggling through to the weekend – then you’ll want to check out today’s inspirational content from around the internet. We’ll be here every day supporting you to develop your UX, UI and design skills:

UI of the Future?

Wired Magazine takes a look at revolutionary design for an electric piano and asks the question; “what implications does this have for future UI design?”:

“Roland Lamb has a great analogy for comparing the piano to other instruments: “Sound on a piano is very pixelated, in separate discrete elements, and if you tie all those together it can feel continuous,” he says. “But other instruments, like a violin, are high resolution, because the sound is continuous and changing.” That is, when you hit a piano key, you can vary the note by hitting it hard or so soft. (You can even use the pedal to adjust the vibrato or sustain.) But those adjustments pale against the spectrum of input available on a guitar, trombone or wind instrument. There, each note is far more like clay that gets shaped by the pressure of the player’s finger or the duration of his breath.

Around 2009, as a design student at London’s Royal College of Arts, Lamb realized that didn’t have to be true. He’s spent the four years since working on a keyboard that has the same nuances and range as, say, a saxophone, and the finished product went on sale last year. And more recently, the MoMA Design Store included it in their newest collection (it costs $3,500).”

Find out more about this incredible piano and the future of UI at Wired Magazine here.

Interfaces vs. Zombies?

Not quite in fact at User Brain, Markus Pirker is looking at what a bad interface and a zombie might have in common:

1. They don’t respond to any external stimuli

According to the Zombie Apocalypse wiki this is especially true for zombie type 0, which although undead, fortunately only represents a moderate risk. Zombie type 0 does not react to any external stimuli whatsoever, neither to light nor to any kind of sound.

It stumbles around and is... simply undead. It decays slowly, attacks no one or has an irrepressible hunger, something which is also a characteristic of other types of zombies. They make no sounds either, except for scuffing or squelching (depending on their degree of putrefaction). Zombie Apocalypse wiki”

Find out what else zombies and interfaces have in common here.

Cosmic Web Design

Who doesn’t love a great space themed website? Not us, that’s for sure. This lovely collection of designs at Line 25 is well worth checking out for inspiration and because they’re so darned cool.


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