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Automating web design with machine learning.

Can we replace human designers with artificial intelligence along with machine learning? is a platform that designs a website content by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and automatically shaping and evolving itself to your needs. Their sales pitch is to create a beautiful website geared toward out intentions by giving it text, images and video but in the near future the company would like to anticipate our demands and goals and adjust itself accordingly.

Fastcodesign explores if this future will come at the expense of the designer.

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UX isn’t what you think it is!

Most of us know UX isn’t the same as UI design, but what then is UX actually used for?

UI designers build great looking sites, interfaces that are one of the key components of the whole experience. The job of a UX designer is to assist the UI and business strategy to achieve their goals.

UX isn’t limited to the screen, great experiences with products happen beyond this in gaps between channels, devices and business silo’s. They happen when companies actually sit back and pay attention to their interactions with customers.

Because UX touched so many different areas, it is hard to define. Boagworld looks at this and follows through with some great examples of how UX is made better.

You can check it out here


Modern trends in Web typography

Old dogs can certainly learn new tricks which is what web typography is all about in 2015. Most of the buzz is around technical developments in online type but we have come across a number of stylistic elements as well. As technology matures, it moves to being something that is accepted as the norm and we then focus our attention in the design, look and feel as well as ergonomics of the thing as it becomes more sophisticated over time.

From hand drawn fonts to script and slab serifs, explores a number of trends that are happening in the world of typography and how it is being applied in unique and interesting ways.

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