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Helvetica Reborn!

Helvetica is one of the most widely used typefaces ever created that has been used worldwide since its birth in 1957.

What we don’t know is, there was a sequel. A typeface called Haas Unica that faded into history almost as soon as it was released in 1980. Now, finally after being lost for decades, it has been reworked by Monotype designer Toshi Omagari and now finally available to the public as Neue Haas Unica, an 18 font family that has been fully reworked for digital use and drawn to be legible at small sizes.

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Creating emotions with colour

“The skill of using colour is no less than an art form.” Manipulating colour has earned many master painters and artists global recognition. Nowadays it opens up doors to allot of new business and commercial applications across various media. With unlimited usage, we can improve and refine colour use endlessly. explores the fundamentals of colour theory and colour schemes and then starts to examine the emotional effects of individual colours.

You can read more on their blog here


Boiling down ideas

Usable websites need to be easy to use and learn while keeping themselves intuitive but they also need to be simple. When users look at a new interface we often acquaint ourselves with it by looking at how simple or complex it is. This is vital in gaining us the competitive edge.

People’s lives are getting busier and they are slowly raising their standards for usability. If something seems remotely difficult to use, they will generally abandon it or not bother even installing it altogether. They have developed a need to fulfil expectations such as speed, functionality and design.

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