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Here’s to another great week! Today we look at changing your user’s habits with experience design, changing habits and some awesome icon design tips and tricks.

Changing your Users habits with interaction design

Humans in general have very predictable behaviours when it comes to habit. We tend to avoid interactions that make us feel bad and look for feel good interactions.

Effective interaction design is geared toward anticipating generic human behaviours and tries to shape them looking at habits and how they can be used as well as how feedback plays a role in each step.

We can then use habits to our advantage. Studies have shown that around 40% of our time is spent performing habitual actions. Our brains run on autopilot as habit creation is ingrained deeply into our daily lives. By understanding habit development we can design certain interactions.

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Experience design in public spaces

When it comes to experience design we aim to target people literally where they live and breathe rather than finding them online. Site-specific messages can connect people in multiple ways that are not possible in an online environment and can lead to a greater impact and intellectual engagement with the end user so it is incredibly important to consider all the nuances of public spaces and design specific experiences within them.

People have various attention spans, some might want to engage with an environment and some might just pass though so engagement should be geared around all levels giving the end user short impactful interactions that reward but are not required.

The audience members shouldn’t know they are part of the audience where web designers should still aim to grab their attention but don’t necessarily fully immerse the end user but rather rely on discovery and wonder at the same time as changing their brand perception and improve information retention and insight.


10 awesome icon design tips

Most designers nowadays are looking closely at app design, one of the most important aspects is designing a great icon which stands out from all the other app icons out there. This is much more than putting a logo into a box.
A good product icon can be used in multiple formats for apps and multimedia and even perform in a print environment without heavy modification at any scale, all it takes is for the creator to step back and do some proper design and planning.

This can be done in a number of ways including making it easy to read visually and be highly recognised and still be encompass the brand ID of the product.  The icon should be viewed as that and not a standalone image (it is not a photo in a box) and should be able to hold an identity without words and used in context, visually tying into its environment.

Colour and symbolism are vitally important, especially if you want it to stand out from the crowd as well as vector and single colour versions, overall things should be iconic!

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