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Hello and welcome back to the UX Daily this Wednesday. If you’re feeling the strain of the week or if you’re in Saudi Arabia and this is the last day of the week – you need a little pick me up in the form of the best UX and design content online. So join us and enjoy just that:

A Requiem to be Undone

Sacha Grief mourns the loss of an old friend in the Internet age and we’re certain that you’ll be as touched by this homage as we were:

“I love the Internet. But I just wish it would give us “undo” back.

The ability to undo mistakes is one of the most powerful advantages of computers over their analog competitors. Yet ever since web-apps started taking over, I feel like we’ve been slowly losing this superpower.

After all, undo might be ubiquitous on the desktop, but when was the last time you saw a web app with an undo command?”

Go and be Undone by Sacha here.

The Benefits of Sight

Not quite as tongue in cheek as you might think; over at ReadWrite they’re exploring the benefits of data visualization when handling big data:

“Strata+Hadoop World, Big Data's big conference last week, was filled with sessions dedicated to the gospel of bigness: More data equals more good. From data lakes to enterprise data hubs, the industry has made a fetish of gathering ever more data. 

Because, you know, insights are bound to occur. In a twist on open source's "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow," Big Data proclaims, "Given enough data, all data will sprout correlations and consequent insights."

Except, of course, that it doesn't.”

Get insights and more at Read Write here.

Making the Impersonal – Personal

Want to fake a note to someone? You know to say thank you or something like that. Instead of typing it or writing it in your own scrawl there are now more options. Mashable explains:

“We all know the importance and impact a handwritten note has, just like we know that homemade bread tastes better and hand-knitted socks are 10 times more comfortable.

The trouble is, no one (except Emma Watson) has time to find the perfect card-stock notepaper, wait for bread to rise or knit a heal flap and gusset. The answer is outsourcing, daaahling.

Good luck with your socks and bread, but these four online services will help you send what essentially looks like a handwritten note or card, lovingly composed from the comfort of your laptop.”

Find out what comes next at Mashable here.


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