The Best of the #UX Web on Thursday – The UX Daily Round Up is Here

Today’s round up deals with a smattering of useful UX subjects including one that’s close to my own heart. That’s where we’re going to start today too:

Where are the Writers of UX?

Georgina Laidlaw has asked a question that I’d like to see asked more often. Why is the UX team so often devoid of writing talent? While the physical design, look and feel are obviously key to a product’s success; so are the words that you use in that product. In fact, I’d say that more often than not  - it’s poor writing that kills the online UX for so many websites and applications. This is what Georgina had to say:

“At the UX Australia Redux conference in Melbourne this week, I was struck by the dearth of writers.

Of those who identified themselves at the beginning of the UX Careers session, there were designers, business analysts, UX practitioners, project managers, developers… but barely a handful of writers in UX.

To be fair, this was the first conference an employer had ever seen value in sending me to, and I’ve spent 15 years as a digital writer. Perhaps writers were traditionally less self-organizing than those in other disciplines (there are plenty of content-related conferences now, but earlier? Not so much). Or perhaps writing isn’t valued as highly as these other disciplines.”

Catch all of what she has to say over at SitePoint now…

Go Kanban on Your Web Projects!

This kind of project management approach should appeal to everyone’s inner web designer; it’s a visual approach to project management and we think it’s worth considering for all your design projects. How Design explain how it’s done:

“Whether you realize it or not, you already have a process for web design projects. Maybe you work in-house at a big company, and there are lots of rules and sign-offs every step of the way. Or perhaps you’re part of a small agency team with an ad-hoc process that you’d be hard pressed to describe. No matter where you fall on this spectrum there are big benefits to trying out Kanban, a popular project management method in the agile development world.”

Read the whole article here…

A Little Insight into Prototypes

UX Magazine takes a step back this week to ask a vital question; “What is and what isn’t a prototype?” And then they answer that question for us; which is good because it means that I don’t have to…

A good user experience doesn’t get delivered just like that. It’s the result of the countless hours of efforts spent in the product development process, from conceptualization to the final delivery. It involves designing and redesigning your product or app based on a series of exhaustive user testing sessions, and let’s face it, you cannot perform a user testing session with static assets like wireframes or visual mockups. There has to be some sort of interactivity, otherwise your users won’t get a taste of how the product/app actually works.

This is where prototypes come in. There have been a number of occasions where I’ve seen people (both clients and users) not understand what a prototype actually is, and as a result, have ended up expecting all the wrong things from it.”

Catch the whole thing over at UX Mag…

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