Local Roundup – What’s Going on Near You This Week?

Welcome back to our weekly round up of events that are going on around the world with a UX, UI or Interaction Design focus.

Local Group Meetings

Please don’t forget that all of our local group meetings are free to attend (though you may be asked to buy a drink in some venues) and that you do not have to be an IDF member to attend our local group events.

This week we have Leon Irigoyen arranging the first ever IDF event in Hermosillo Mexico. This will be held in the Universidad de Sonora. Leon’s a student at the university and we’re really pleased to have his leadership in that area. He’s really looking forward to meeting you on the 27th of November.

All IDF events are completely non-discriminatory and you are welcome to attend no matter what your interest in design is. From students, enthusiastic amateurs to long established professionals we can always learn something from each other when we look to the future of design.

Other UX Events

IDHF 2014 – The International Symposium on Interaction Design and Human Factors is on the 26th of November

The I Coloquio de Innovacion en Diseno is also on the 28th of November

What if There’s No Event Near Me?

Why not start one? We are always looking for local leaders to inspire their local design communities and to bring folks together to deliver better design and better ways of looking at design. Our community will be the future of design globally and you can play a leading role in that.

Feel free to contact us and we can help you get started. You will get support from a country leader and a continent leader as well as our global community manager as you grow the field of professional design in your area.

Images: Meeting, IDHF

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