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Great web design comes with great usability testing, No complaints in terms of your front end doesn't necessarily mean your users aren't using the site to its full potential by effectively and efficiently engaging with it to their full satisfaction. Visitors generally won’t complain or express their feelings as they are used to coming across these issues across the web and it isn't worth their effort.

It is not however, always clear as to what or who exactly we are testing for, but at the end of the day these are questions we can define answers to, once testing has taken place.

Usability is a quality attribute that assesses how easy user interfaces are to use. The word "usability" also refers to methods for improving ease-of-use during the design process. Jakob Nielsen

Through testing we need to improve our visitor retention rates as many as 75% of visitors might leave a website after not venturing any farther than the home page. They might not understand what the website is there for or it might be irrelevant to their search criteria. Websites may also be complicated to navigate and all information should lead the user to perform specific tasks. No matter how pretty websites are, they still need to be navigable.

Website loading time is also vital to your user’s engagement, they might simply give up on waiting and go somewhere else. Content wise it might take them to along to find what they are looking for or content may be displayed incorrectly which will also create a motivation to leave the page.

We also need to provide feedback on learnability, memorability, errors and satisfaction of the page content.

To combat this, we can provide regular and meaningful updates on the home page to keep people interested in returning if they are unsuccessful in their search. We can also offer them some kind of incentive such as a free product or promotion.

We also need to look into which areas are failing and quickly rectify them as usability testing may uncover a number of these areas we may not have picked up earlier down the line. These issues are commonly process issues which may hamper their use of certain page or area enough to stop them using the site altogether.

Brand experience is also a vital area we can continuously improve on as we want to provide all our users with the best impression of the brand possible as overall it should give them the most pleasant experience. Issues that can arise after looking at this area may include broken links, bad grammar, poor design and layout or site errors which may b e a major turn-off.

To sum it up, user testing can increase our products ROI as it will increase sales and improve our overall understanding of our customers. It is now a vital part of most web design processes.

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