London Social meet

Princess Louise Pub
208 High Holborn London WC1V 7EP
Time zone:
(UTC +00:00) London
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This is an IDF Local Group meet-up

  • Attendance is free
  • You do not have to be a member of the IDF to attend

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Meet-up description

Hi IDF London, let's meet up and network over a drink!
Say hello to fellow IDF Students, discuss UX problems you are facing now, or just chat about anything else. It's going to be an informal, cozy meet-up with fellow designers!

I've set the time from 6:00 to 8:00pm, but I will be there from 6pm, and but you can stay as long as you want.

WHERE: Princess Louise Pub, 208 High Holborn, WC1V 7EP
As you enter we will be in the booth on the right toward the back.

WHEN: 6pm - 8pm

19 IDF members (and some non-members) are attending:

Meet-up discussion

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss London Social meet held on Sep 25, 2017.
I am looking for a good pub for us to meet at, but that also depends on how many of us there are.
There is no agenda to this meeting, it's just a chance for all of us to meet, particularly those new to IDF and UX, to network and share experiences.

Thanks Fiona for setting this meeting up. I look forward to seeing you all there!

Hello, everyone,

I would like to suggest Brewdog Soho on Poland St for our 1st Meetup. It's quite spacious with big tables, ideal for a large group to move around, coalesce/disperse and comfortably sip on our favourite brew without the risk of collision and spill overs.

I can try to book a table for us if everyone is happy with the venue and location.



Thanks for the suggestion Vilmar - Soho Brewdog are busy that night but happy to have us in the future. We could possibly book in an October date with them now. Happy to have us Monday and Tuesday nights :)

Thanks Fiona for setting this up.

Here are a couple of suggestions for a venue. How do they work for everyone?

The Princess Louise pub, Holborn (Sam Smiths pub, seating, also has a largish upstairs if there's a quite few of us):

The Bowler Pub and Kitchen, Farringdon. (Used to be quite roomy. Haven't been there in a while but think it's still a good one?):

(As for me, I'm flexible and able to travel so please don't feel that these are my preferences.)

Hey Richard,

Thanks for the suggestions. The Princess Louise pub is beautiful and the upstairs area is big enough to accommodate lots of us.



Thanks Richard - Princess Louise Pub is all booked and happy to us (now 30 odd!!!)

Hi all, I will try pop by. I have a class that evening so depending where it is I will definitely try come say hello :)

What area will you be in? We haven't set a location yet, but Richard has some great suggestions above.

I'll be in London Bridge area and my class runs 6.45 - 9 sooo could only meet just before for a quick hello. All good I'll make the next one. Monday is the only night i can't do usually. Make sure you get some notes and give me an update of it all :)

Thanks for setting this up! I'm newish to London, so I am completely in the dark as to which pubs are great. I work until 6pm weekdays in North Kensington, so preferably something close to either North Kensington or near a Hammersmith & City or Circle tube station would be the best!

Hey Beth, this one will probably be in Holborn, but we can arrange more on different days and different locations. Hope you can make this one too. :)

What time do we think this will finish? It's scheduled on the one day and time I can't make next week. I have Tai Chi from 7-8.15 in Hoxton haha

Hey Daniel, I've put 8:30pm as the finishing time, but that's just a guide. It's a social meet, so it can continue as long as people are happy to keep chatting and drinking.
We can arrange socials meets as often as we like and on different days and times so everyone can come along at some point. :)

I would love to attend but I am out of the country until the 26th! So it would be great to continue arranging social meets :) :) Have fun, guys! See u next time! ;)

Thanks for all the venue suggestions. I will confirm the location by this evening and update the event info for you all.
This is just a first meet for everyone to say hi and chat about whatever they like.

If you would like to arrange another meetup, please do add another date, time and location. Monthly would be great, but some people might like more often.
All of us are able to do this, so go for it! :)

Awesome!! Thank you sooo much Fiona for organising and booking this! :D

Excellent Fiona, thank you for taking the lead and organising this meeting!

Thanks for organising this Fiona. It will be great to meet up with other people taking these courses. I work in the Fitzrovia area and finish at 6, so anywhere in central london will work for me.

Thank Fiona for organizing this event. It would be my very first IDF meet-up and I am really excited and bit nervous at the same time :) I will be reaching London on 23rd from Pune, India and will surely be there on time on Monday evening at the given venue. Do let me know if you need anything from here. See you all soon! Cheers! Vikram

Hey everyone,
Thank you all so much for your interest in this social event.
I will be at the venue from 6pm and will try to greet you all when you arrive. I won't have any signage, but you should be able to find us. I'll call the pub tomorrow to confirm the booking and ask them where we will be, and update the details if I know more.
There is no agenda or format to the evening, just a chance to meet people and chat. Grab yourself a drink, and perhaps even some dinner, and introduce yourself to some new people. Stay as long as the pub will have us!
See you tomorrow evening :)

Hi, Fiona,

thanks for organising it!

Just to confirm that we are going to Princess Louise Pub then?

Best wishes,


Yes, details are in the event description above. I will be there from 6pm.

Hi all,

Unfortunately, I can't make it tonight.

Looking forward to seeing you next time.

See you next time

Thanks to everyone who came along this evening. It was lovely to meet you all.

Stay tuned for the next social meet up and some new ways of sharing information and chatting as a group.


thank you, I really enjoyed the night . Very interesting conversations and stimulating exchange of professional experience

It was indeed a nice experience meeting with you all. Thank you Fiona, Andrea, Richard, Vikram and Nina for your time. Looking forward to meet you guys again! Cheers!

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