Lean UX in the Enterprise Full Day Workshop by Jeff Gothelf | Discount Code for 15% Off: CE15

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Meet-up description

Agile adoption has resulted in highly-efficient software engineering teams incentivized to get bug-free code shipped quickly. However, Scrum, or common Agile practice, as it’s commonly taught, isn’t enough to create successful products. What we've failed to do is empower these teams with the decision-making mechanism required to decide:

  • What should we work on?
  • When is it done? (Shipping != done)
  • Is it meeting customer expectations?
  • Shoud we continue to design and optimize this feature?

Sense & Respond

This workshop teaches you and your teams how to practice effective product discovery methods integrated with your product delivery efforts.

This workshop brings together product and UX designers, engineers, product managemers and organizational leadershipin a customer-centric class that effectively teaches how to build the right product and to build the product right.

Who is teaching this class?

Jeff Gothelf is a designer, entrepreneur and author. He is an expert in teaching teams how to collaborate, effectively and leverage Agile, Lean Startup and Design thinking to build winning products. Jeff captured these ideas in his book, Lean UX: Designing Great Products With Agile Teams. In addition, his new management book, Sense & Respond, seeks to inspire organizational changes that support this new way of working...

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Meet-up discussion

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss Lean UX in the Enterprise Full Day Workshop by Jeff Gothelf | Discount Code for 15% Off: CE15 held on Mar 8, 2017. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.
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