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This is an IDF Local Group meet-up

  • Attendance is free
  • You do not have to be a member of the IDF to attend

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Meet-up description

Hi IDF Austin, let's meet up and network over coffee! Share UX design insights and resources, discuss UX problems you are facing now, or just chat about anything else. It's going to be an informal, cozy meet-up with fellow designers!

We will meet at


4204 Manchaca Road, Austin, TX

Saturday, 9/14, at 4pm.

Hope to see you there!

Here's my phone #: 512-825-8398

6 IDF members (and some non-members) are attending:

Meet-up discussion

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss IRL anyone? coffee meetup held on Sep 13, 2019. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

Hi everyone I would be interested in meeting up for coffee to discuss UX Design. It would be great to meet other designers in IDF. Summer Moon Coffee in Avery Ranch is a great coffee shop. I'm willing to meet up anywhere between North Austin/ Round Rock area to South Lamar. Prefer not to have to pay for parking. Let me know what times you are thinking.

Hello Jennifer, I took a quick look at your portfolio and it is pretty awesome. Nice work indeed!

What about you Matthew?

Jennifer Stewart--I agree with Parking, but luckily in Austin it doesn't seem too bad (at least I have found out that downtown, M-F is free parking, if you can find it.)...but I don't think we will go downtown.

Hi, Adrienne and Jennifer!

I'm new in town (been here for all of three months). I would love to get out of my apartment and meet new people!

I'm free on Friday and can meet up for coffee. I found Mozart's Coffee Roasters. It's an Austin original and suppose to have good parking. Here is the address: 3825 Lake Austin Blvd, Austin, TX 78703.

Anyone in?


Adrienne, where are you parking?

All I can find are meters and always have to pay. =/

I haven’t gone downtown that often but At least 2x I got free parking bc event was on Monday or parking was free after 6 in certain area...luckily parking isn’t too expensive even with meter

Hello, Adrienne, Dara, and Jennifer. I will try to make it to the meet up on, Friday. I am two hours outside of Austin, so I will need to know the time and location, so that I may plan.

@Kelvin Rudd Thanks, I appreciate the compliment

Mozarts is nice and the parking is free over there if you can find something. What time are people thinking?

During the day on weekdays is a bit difficult for me, but depending on my meeting schedule I might be able to meet for coffee. That Friday it would be easier for me to meetup somewhere up north, maybe in The Domain? Or around that area.

For this Friday, what about Panera, near Whole Foods at the Gateway Plaza? It is near 183 and 360. We could meet at 11-11:30 to beat the lunch crowd.

Hey Everyone... I would love to meet up with you guys. I'm brand new to the Austin area...Dara you beat me by a month, I've been here about 2 months now.

I can be pretty flexible so any time works for me.



Hi guys! I'd love to meet you all but the logistics of traffic makes things challenging here in Austin. I prefer to meet on Saturdays for the simple reason that if the meetup is either North or South, it makes for faster commute for everyone involved. We could then alternate locations (N+S).

That would also allow for easier parking.

I live SW and zooming up Mopac works great on the weekends. Weekdays, forget about it!! :)

Hi, everyone! I would love to make a meetup sometime soon, but this Friday doesn't work for me. Hope to catch you at the next one! I live in Lakeway so I try to avoid rush hour as much as possible. :) My schedule is flexible, so I can sometimes meet during the day, and Friday's are generally good.

Tami: I am actually not that far from you. If you can't make it to radio coffee 4pm, tomorrow, saturday 9/14. we can meet up in lakeway or bee cave!

How many people can meet Friday Panera at gateway plaza (183/360), 11-11:30am? if not, what about Saturday afternoon, say 4-4:30 in the south, Radio coffee?


Hi Adrienne, I can definitely meet Saturday afternoon at Radio coffee. Anyone else?

heather, see you there at radio coffee. (BTW this message board is not so user friendly!

Hey everyone :)
I'm not new to Austin, I've lived here for almost four year but am super new to UX. I'd love to meet you all and hear you all discuss the world of Design/ Tech!
I can meet on Saturday at Radio coffee as well.

hey Camila, not sure if you got my message...see you @ radio coffee @4pm

@Camilla and @ Heather sounds good—let’s meet at Radio coffee this Saturday (9/14), 4pm!

Here my phone number 512-825-8398.

See y’all then!

Radio Kinda sux for Parking. Cosmic is only 2 miles from there and has much more room and parking, dog friendly, etc.

Hello everyone, so is Radio Coffee the final meet-up location? I hope everyone had a great week.

Are there two threads going about the meetup today? Another thread says Radio at 4pm today. But there are concerns about parking I guess. Haven't been there yet so not familiar with the situation.

Hi Michael, I think two threads are going on, but I believe this page is now the main event. I'm leaving town at noon, so please send me an update if the location does change.

I’m at Radio now

where are you Michael? I am here as well!

@Heather here's the link to the IDF discount I mentioned (three months off):

nd1j2q7cg9qBKLksIYL7B1ed5FO7KBJdsaKP10aW.jpegHello everyone! It was great to meet some of you at the Radio Coffee Meetup. Ingrid was kind enough to share a photo from the event. Hope to see you guys at the next Meetup.

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