IDF Seattle Community Meet And Greet

Hosted by IDF Seattle
Mar 26th, 2020
6:00pm - 8:00pm (UTC -07:00)
Online,, Seattle
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This is Local Group meet-up

  • Attendance is free
  • You do not have to be a member of the IDF to attend

What are Local Groups?

IDF Local Groups will expand your local career network - whether you are interested in learning new skills, looking for new job opportunities, new clients for your company, or a great new dedicated employee.

An IDF Local Group is a group of people who are just as passionate about design as you are. Each Local Group holds physical meetings and the agenda is to get inspired, discuss, have fun, learn and improve your career. Meetings take place in a relaxed and fun atmosphere at a local cafe, an office building, or an auditorium depending on the agenda for the meeting. For each Local Group there is also an online Local Group so you can stay in touch and help update each other on local events.

Meet-Up Details

Hi IDF Seattle,

So I have realized how difficult it is for all of us to meet face to face. I have also realized that there are many of times that we have all the intention of showing up but then life comes into play with something unexpected..

Anyway, I thought it could be interesting to set up an online meet and greet to really get the network to flow and grow and since this whole COVID-19 situation I figured online would be the best starting point.

home we can all get to know each other and build our network of peers here is the updated link to the meet.

12 IDF members (and some non-members) are attending

Meet-up discussion

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss IDF Seattle Community Meet And Greet held on Mar 26, 2020. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

Does someone (who's planning to attend) have an online account with e.g. WebEx, Zoom, that can accomodate all of us?

Oh! That's timely:
"Google is giving everybody free access to its advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing features for free until July 1, as businesses and schools have been impacted by the coronavirus..."

Hey Micheal, Danny here, Hangouts should be able to accommodate us up to 10 people. If we exceed ten than I will sent up a link with Skype or Zoom.

Who is leading this meeting?

Ill be leading the meeting but please feel free to bring your own questions

Hey everyone, glad to see we exceeded what my expectations were. I'll be leading the meet and greet but would love for everyone to have something to contribute to the conversation, I know these times are tough and stressful so let's use this as a step toward building all of our Networks and keep ourselves occupied with the things we are passionate about.

See you guys soon 😀


This meeting is still at 6pm right?

I don't see anyone in the call

I dont see anybody as well. Christina, would you like to have a chat while waiting for everyone? :)

Yes! :)

Hi guys! So sorry, I just got off the phone. Is this still happening?

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