IDF Birmingham City Meet up @ York's Cafe

York's Cafe
29 / 30 Stephenson Street Birmingham B2 4BH
Time zone:
(UTC +00:00) London
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This is an IDF Local Group meet-up

  • Attendance is free
  • You do not have to be a member of the IDF to attend

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Meet-up description

Hi IDF Birmingham, let's meet up again on Friday 16th February @ York's Cafe and network over coffee! Share UX design insights and resources, discuss UX problems you are facing now, or just chat about anything else. It's going to be an informal, cozy meet-up with fellow designers!

5 IDF members (and some non-members) are attending:

Meet-up discussion

Hi all!

Mo and I had an inaugural meet up at lunchtime last week in Birmingham. I think we both got a lot out of it, it was great to learn about her experiences and to share some stories!

We thought about having another in a couple of weeks @ Java Lounge just off Victoria Square.

We'd both love to meet some new UX folk, so please feel free to come along if you can!

Please use this discussion thread to discuss IDF Birmingham City Meetup held on Nov 21, 2017. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.



I'll be coming. Looking forward to meeting you

hi guys! It would be great to know more people in the field! Great initiative. See you :)

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend tomorrow but hope future sessions will take place as I would be very interested in meeting anyone involved in UX.

I'm hoping we can get something going here, David, so please stay in touch on here :) Cheers Rob

Hey Jessica, Balandino (and Preyesh),

Looking forward to meeting today, unfortunately Mo is unwell today, but I'll be at Java Lounge for 12.30pm - I'll try to get a table.

I'll try to look as much like my profile pic as possible, and be as visible as I can, so will look out for you!

See you at 12.30 :)


Hello all,

Unfortunately, I've caught a bug of sorts and won't be able to make it today. I would love to attend in the future though.

If you feel like networking anyway, I am happy to provide my details :)

Sorry yr not going to make it today, Preyesh, look forward to seeing you at a later date (when yr feeling better!) Cheers, Rob

Hi guys.. I'm very sorry I cannot make it either... Stuck at home with my PhD thesis.... :( Is anybody around next week?

Sorry to miss you Balandino, hope you can make the 5th Dec?

Hi all, so Jess and I met today. We had a great chat about our respective experiences as Teams of One and what we might do in this meetup in the future.

I've updated the date for two weeks time - Tue 5 December, same time - 12.30pm, same place - Java Lounge - so hope some or all of you can make it - see you there!



PS To give you an idea of the things we spoke about, here are some links:

The Boagworld podcast:

The Elements of User Experience - Jesse James Garrett

That's great! I'll stick it to my calendar now. Thanks!

Hey all, does anyone have an issue with making the next meet up on Monday 4th? Mo can only make that day and would love to meet as many folk as possible...let me know, otherwise I'll amend the date. Cheers! Rob

Thanks Rob! :)

Morning all, as mentioned I've amended the meeting date to NEXT MONDAY 4th, hope you can make it!

Have a great UX-worthy week :)


Hi Rob! thank you for organising this! :)

Hope to see you all there!



Hi all, looking forward to meeting up tomorrow - Monday 4th - at 12.30pm in Java Lounge!

See you there, Ro

Hey fellow brum based uxers. I'm at client offices on the 19th and will try and pop down for a quick chat. I'm actually in a full day session, but we've all gotta have a break at some point. Looking forward to meeting those that are there :)

Hiya, I'm going to try and make it. Might see you there!

Morning all - welcome to "Christmas week"!

For all who can make it, tomorrow's meetup is as ever, at Java Lounge @ 12.30pm - looking forward to seeing you there :)


Morning all and a happy new year!

Just a quick update to say that the next meet up will be on Tuesday 16th Jan @ Java Lounge. 12.30pm, would love to see as many people as can make it there :)



Morning all, just a quick note to say that today's scheduled meet up will need to be put back to Tuesday 30th - many apologies for the short notice.



Hi all! Just joined the IDF community! Looking forward to meeting you all on the 30th :)

hello, is anyone at the java lounge atm? I am not sure if I can see any groups

Hi Tatiana, so sorry not to have been there - none of us could make it this week and I forgot to update this thread :( So sorry. We'll be meeting on Fri 16th Feb, same place, and I promise to update this thread if anything changes - apologies, I hope you can make that date. Thanks and sorry, Rob

Hi all, just a quick reminder to say we're going to meet @ York's Cafe on Stephenson Street tomorrow (Friday 16th) @ 12.30pm - looking forward to seeing you there if you can make it.

Cheers, Rob

Hi all, I'm not going to renew my IDF membership so my profile will be deleted very soon.

However, Mo and I are still meeting to discuss all things UX and Brum on a loose monthly basis, so if you're interested in keeping in touch or coming along, I've setup a Twitter account for it, here's the link: - please follow for meet up information

Just for the record, I've had no problems with IDF, I just didn't have time to spend on the courses and can't justify the costs. Hope to see you around Brum - keep the UX flag flying!



Hi Everyone,

I've just joined and waiting to start a couple of courses "ux designer from scratch" and "how to become a freelance designer". It would be good to meet with like minded peeps. I live/work in Telford, lunch in Birmingham sounds good but not particularly practical for me is there any plan for after work or weekend meet ups? Has anyone done the courses I'm going to do?


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