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This is an IDF Local Group meet-up

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  • You do not have to be a member of the IDF to attend

What are Local Groups?

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Meet-up description

Hi IDF Bengaluru, let's meet online and discuss UX! In our video call, let's get to know each other and share UX problems we’re facing and discuss how we can solve them. Save the date, grab your laptop (or phone!), and let’s see each other online!

161 IDF members (and some non-members) are attending:

Meet-up discussion

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Hi all,

This is Rohit Mahadevu, I am new to IDF family.
Currently working as Research and Design Consultant for an NGO in Andhra Pradesh

Hello all!

Hello all!
I'm new to the design industry itself, is this meet-up categorized only for designers by profession?
Or could anyone join

Hi UXers. Great initiative "online meetups" eagerly waiting to meet you guys..



Hi All,

I'm Vaisakh, new joinee this family currently working UI designer Mobme wireless solutions but i need to learn UI/UX



Will love to meet you all

it Online or offline? I'm from jaipur

Agenda and time duration is not mentioned..

Hello all,

I am Sejal Amrutkar, a product design student looking to switch my career to UI/UX design. I am new to the IDF family. Eager to meet everyone!

Hey everyone!

I'm switching my career into ui ux design. I've started with IDF as of now. Need more guidance as to what i can do to enhance my skills.

Also, how do i connect with you guys in this meet up? What is the time?

Hi Folks, how are we doing this?

hi, how to join meetup online?

Hi, Is the online discussion is on today? What is the time to join? Anyone please reply..

On which platform are we conducting the meeting. Any link for the meeting? And at what time would this be?

hi, how to join meetup online?


Hi Guys

Hi IDF family,
Newcomer here.

I have decided to pursue my career in UI/UX.
To start with, I have done UI/UX certification.
I look forward for community's guidance , what can we (freshers) do to enhance our skill set in UX career

Thank you

There seems to be some confusion regarding yesterday's meetup. I see quite a lot of questions above asking about any links etc. Wasn't sure myself. Any clarity on this?

For all those who missed this meeting.

Here is something that I learnt in the first meetup after I joined the course.

1) meetup app is integrated into the IDF course, anyone can raise a meetup request and this will send invites to all.

The person who raised the meetup, might just be testing the buttons available too.

2) confirm if there is a face to face meeting. It need not be a formal meeting, but there were loads of learning for all of who joined in.

3) we discussed our backgrounds and how this course might be of help. And limitations on how we loose steam after a little while. These interactions are real time savers interms of keeping yourselves motivated.

4) donot expect the Bangalore cordinators to join the meeting, it's a meetup requested by a random student, and they will not turn up in every meetup.

Some topics that we discussed in our meetup were:

1) how DT would be consumed in a global slowdown arena.

2) how our companies are consuming user experience.

3) gameplan for next meetup.

One of tools that i got onto to keep myself motivated in the course was Speed Reading. I felt this skill is most important for doing user research and Recollecting at will for all future references. Just enrolled onto on such program that is comming up in Bangalore on 6th of Oct.

So what's your story about attending an IDF Meetup.

Thank you for sharing Krishna! Could you please tell how did you join the meet-up. It is clear that meet-up request could be raised by anyone. But it is still unclear how, where on which platform you joined. Also there was no particular timing that was given, that raise the question of when.

I started thinking it to be a hoax or some super secret meetings. Thank you shedding light on the same.

Hello Ankita

I just walked into a meeting scheduled in a Local Coffee Day outlet. @Mallikarjun had initiated this, luckily 4 out 24 turned up for this meetup.

in my case we had a venue and time mentioned by the meetup creator

Hi All, This is Himanshu Sharma. I am currently working in Michelin as a UI/UX designer

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