Coffee + Ux/Ui Meetup

Caffé Nero
239-240 Tottenham Court Rd London W1T 7QP
Time zone:
(UTC +00:00) London
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This is an IDF Local Group meet-up

  • Attendance is free
  • You do not have to be a member of the IDF to attend

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Meet-up description

Hi everyone =)

I'm Maria, currently looking for a small group of people who wants to form a study group for UX/UI. The idea is create regular weekly meetups to work on our own projects that can be then turned into portfolio contents and support each other to finish our IDF Courses.

It's been hard trying to study alone from home and I thought let's find a group to study then!

I'm free afternoons Monday to Friday 1-5 pm and I could switch to a morning shift if necessary.

26 IDF members (and some non-members) are attending:

Meet-up discussion

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss Coffee + Ux/Ui Meetup held on May 14, 2019. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

Hello Maria. Well done for taking the initiative! Where would you like to meet?

HI! Thanks! I haven't decided the meeting place yet. I was thinking about a coffee shop in Central London called VQ, quite close to the Tottenham Court Road Station but any suggestions are welcome.

Hi Maria, that's a brilliant idea! I'd love to attend. Unfortunately, I work at that time. Anyone up for some evening study group?
PS, I'm fairly new to UI/UX design. I might come with more questions than contributions. :(((

@Balandino me too - lots more questions than answers unfortunately! @Maria, I'm up for an evening session as I also work during the day. Thank you!

I would definitely be up for an evening study group! If there's one happening let me know, I'm also fairly new to the design world :)

Hi guys

I'm a complete newbie so welcome the opportunity to meet up.

Anyone else a novice like me? Where are we meeting?

I'm based in SE London.

Thank you Maria

Hello everyone! This is a great idea, really! I've been struggling to complete even one course because I'm quite busy in looking for a job, but I would love to be in a group in that kind of atmosphere, it's easier to be focus and productive, isn't it? Anyway, the 14th is my b-day and I planned already something, but I'm keen to meetup also more time per week in the evening if there's a place to meet in central London. I come from Leytonstone, everything close to the central line works with me. Waiting for updates!

Thank you


Hi Sabrina, I hope you have a great b-day the 14th! I'll keep this post updated after our first meeting for further info.

I think central London works for me too. And the morning study session will be kind of difficult as I'll be at work.

Hi guys, I wish you all a wonderful rest of the week!

I'd like to set the location for the meet up. I tried to book in advance some tables at VQ Coffee in Tottenham Court Road but unfortunately they don't have availability. Is it all right for you to meet at Caffé Nero in Tottenham Court Rd, W1T 7QP ( 3 min walking from Tottenham Court Road Station) ? any suggestions are welcome too.


Tottenham court road is good. But can it be in the evening?

Too bad I have work that day :( Hope it goes well!

Hi Maria, what time does the meet-up start will it be from 2pm - 4pm or in the evening? Thanks

Hi Roshni, It will be held from 2pm-4pm

I like other have mentioned are struggling to finish my first 2 basic UX courses (UX Beginners Guide and Design Thinking). I am likely going to start finishing off these course next week, perhaps work on this Monday night. The longest part it takes are really the notes taking to get the best out of the course content rather than the aim to finish a course, so the techniques and tools are documented and absorbed in some way.

I am in transition of jobs, so have time to meet up for sure and very interested in the group meetings. I am absolutely new joiner and not sure criteria I need in order to join? Having said this, I am working on a project with an aim to validate a start up business. Currently at research stage / design MVP at the moment, so the UX / UI element especially usability research would be useful for sure.

Central London is good for me. I'll pop in to say hi for sure. Great idea!

Hi Gilbert,

I agree with you, I spend so much time taking notes to get the best out of the course content, that really helps me to process tons of new info in an easy and visual way.

About your question, What criteria you should have to join the study group? There is not criteria yet, just being motivated enough to work hard on your own projects that can be turned into portfolio contents and support each other to finish our IDF Courses.

The idea for this first meet up apart from knowing each other, It's to see the available schedules and locations of everyone, and based on that info, set a particular study time and place to meet every week, that can result on the creation of more than one study group as I've seen some people have more availability for the evenings. I particularly go for an afternoon/morning schedule.

Hopefully, see you all tomorrow!



Hi Maria, is this still on for tomorrow? :)


Yes, It's still on for tomorrow! 2pm at Caffé Nero in Tottenham Court Rd, W1T 7QP

I had assumed that this would be an evening meet-up. So sadly will not be able to attend. Would love to attend remotely but I'm working in Sutton (Surrey) at the moment. But I understand that it would be giant pain to bring an ipad or similar to do FaceTime or similar with. Have a good time. So enjoy!

Hi Matt,

Sorry you can't make it this time, however, I'll keep this post updated for further info/meet ups.

As it's the first meet up, it might be a bit distracting for me to do FaceTime or similar. Hopefully you can join us next time.



Hi, apologies for the late notice I woke up this morning feeling really sick, I'm heading to the Hospital right now. You should still carry on with this meet up and let me know how you get on... I wanted to mainly catch your availability and preferences for further meetings. It's a shame I had to cancel this close to the event, I'm really looking forward for the next meet.

Oh no, I'm sorry you are feeling sick. Please take care and get well soon. Look forward to meeting you next time.

@maria, sorry something has come up at work, so won't make this one, but if there is a follow up session for the following week, please keep me in the loop and I will try to make that.

More positively, I would have finished at least 2 of my beginners course so have some topics to discuss. Hope everyone enjoy the beatiful day in London!

Hi everyone,

I just arrived at Caffé Nero. If anyone is already here, please let me know :)

Hi everyone,

Anyone still around? Im at cafe Nero. Aristos you around

I'll arrive around at 3:15. Are you still there?

Hii Kat,

Yes I am. Having a cold brew. Yes absolutely still waiting for the others.

Awesome! Look forward to see you all soon :)

Just arrived. Is anyone around?

Hello, How did it go yesterday? Were you able to carry on with the meet up?

I'm feeling much better now after going to the Hospital yesterday and received proper treatment.

I'm sending you a link for those who are still interested in forming a study group, the idea is to check the availability of everyone and based on that we can create the different study groups; mornings/afternoon/evening/weekends.

Waiting for your responses,



When I arrived there, nobody was around, so I am not sure if someone was there or not. So, apart from 4 people who posted their comments on that day, where were the rest of 22 people who RSVPed YES?

I guess they decided not showing up after I posted I was heading to the hospital...

I do appreciate those few people that attended when i wasn't there for medical reasons. I'd like to get in touch with you as I can see you're clearly interested, please fill the form shared above so I can get an idea of your availability and start working on together in our own projects/courses.

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