Coffee+UX Design Meet-Up

Seven Virtues Coffee Roasters
5936 NE Glisan St Portland Oregon 97213
Time zone:
(UTC -08:00) Los Angeles
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This is an IDF Local Group meet-up

  • Attendance is free
  • You do not have to be a member of the IDF to attend

What are Local Groups?

IDF Local Groups will expand your local career network - whether you are interested in learning new skills, looking for new job opportunities, new clients for your company, or a great new dedicated employee.

An IDF Local Group is a group of people who are just as passionate about design as you are. Each Local Group holds physical meetings and the agenda is to get inspired, discuss, have fun, learn and improve your career. Meetings take place in a relaxed and fun atmosphere at a local cafe, an office building, or an auditorium depending on the agenda for the meeting. For each Local Group there is also an online Local Group so you can stay in touch and help update each other on local events.

Meet-up description

Hi IDF Portland, let's meet up and network over coffee! Share UX design insights and resources, discuss UX problems you are facing now, or just chat about anything else. It's going to be an informal, cozy meet-up with fellow designers!

12 IDF members (and some non-members) are attending:

Meet-up discussion


The first Meet-Up of 2018 was a success.

Thank you for your participation!

The notes are posted in the slack channel ( We welcome your participation in ideas around the notes.

We'll be selecting a location for the next Meet-Up shortly. Keep your eyes open for notifications from us!

See you soon.


Hi Joanna

Is it at 10 AM?

If yes, can I ask to move it to afternoon?

Ok, It seems nobody has time to answer my request. So I won't be able to join you. Have a nice gathering.

Hi Nasim! I'm apologize for any inconvenience caused from my delayed response. I didn't actually have an answer to your question until this evening. Yes, this Meet Up is at 10am. But we're planning on hosting Meet Ups monthly. In the future what days and times would be best for you? Thank you.

Hi Johanna, I just saw your respond. Sorry , I think for everybody late afternoon or weekends works better. Anyway I will join you on our next meet-up on Feb 10. Take care

I'm glad you can make it! We'll host evening meet ups this spring. See you soon.

I'm planning on coming, thanks for organizing

Hi Tracy, I'm looking forward to meeting you! We're getting excited for the event. Thanks for joining in.

Can we get the name and address again of where we're meeting? I know I saw it somewhere but can't find it again. Thanks.

Tracy here is the address:

Seven Virtues Coffee Roasters, 5936 NE Glisan St, Portland, Oregon

See y'all there!

Finally signed up for IDF, looking forward to learning throughout this course as well as meeting you all at Seven Virtues next week!

Hi there! I've been eye-balling IDF for a couple of months -- finally joined. I'm glad we have a Portland group! I'll see you at Seven Virtues next weekend. :)

Looking forward to meeting y'all and learning more about IDF!

Hi everyone,

I won't be able to attend as I have a prior commitment, but look forward to future meet ups!

Great to meet you all! my email for folks that wanted it =

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