Workshop on Full-Body and Multisensory Experience BodySenseUx16 @Ubicomp2016

Heidelberg, Germany
Corso Svizzera 185 Torino Torino 10149
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Event Description

In the ubiquitous computing era, where people can seamlessly access with huge quantity of digital information, most interactions are still performed through graphical user interfaces, which limit the number of human senses and abilities involved. This workshop aims at discussing the rich possibilities that the body offers us to experience the external world and the prospects that arise for the interaction designers when these often-neglected abilities are taken into account. In particular, the workshop will focus on the rediscovery of the five senses, either alone or in a multimodal combination, and of the perceptual-motor abilities of our body. We encourage the participation of young practitioners but also more experienced researchers from different backgrounds (design, engineering, computing, arts, social sciences, neurosciences, ergonomics, etc.), with previous experience in multisensory interaction, full-body interaction or embodied cognition. Following the success of the first BodySenseUX workshops at UbiComp’15 and TEI’16, this will be a one-day or half-day* workshop of discussions and hands-on activities, focused on physically experiencing our body and senses. At the beginning of the workshop, participants will have the possibility to briefly present and discuss with the other attendees their research. During the next phases of the workshop, participants will have the possibilities to explore and rediscover their sensorimotor abilities through several exercises and games. Interdisciplinary groups will be challenged to design and develop new interaction experience concepts using our natural ‘tools’ as prototyping tools. Ready-to-use prototyping materials will be provided.

  • The workshop topics include but are not limited to:
  • Theory and ground knowledge on multisensory experiences
  • Embodied cognition theory and applications
  • Traditionally recognized five senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste
  • Unconventional s