WebExpo 2017 - Prague

Lucerna Cinema
Vodickova 704/36 Prague 110 00
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(UTC +00:00) UTC
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Event Description

For the 10th consecutive year WebExpo 2017 will take place on the 22-23rd of September in Prague (Czech Republic).

WebExpo plans to host a total of 80 experts speaking about UX, Web development, IT security and Online marketing among many other topics related to the business digital world. For us UX enthusiasts, the most interesting speakers and lectures planned for now are:

  • Irene Pereyra and Anton Repponen (US): They both run the awarded studio Anton & Irene. Irene has led strategies and UX initiatives for clients like USAToday.com, EA or RedBull, among others. Anton is probably the most influential creative director of the digital industry. They have both been awarded at festivals such Cannes, The Webbys or the FWA.
  • Erika Hall (US): Co-founder of Mule Design Studio, she is specialized in research and information design practices, and interested in the practical real-world effects of good design and critical thinking. She is also the author of the book Just Enough Research.
  • Joe Macleod (UK): He will focus his speech on Closure Experiences in digital products and services. Many services focus on the On-Boarding that is populated with Starting experiences, leaving Off-Boarding and Closure Experiences to fate. This has a negative effect on the customer experience, brand perception, and provider attitudes.
  • Saskia Videler (BE): Well-known as a content strategist, Saskia is interested in how to create UX from writing. Focused on the user, she proposes strategies that make sure all the right content gets to the right place at the right time.
  • Avi Itzkovitch (IL): He is a longtime digital design professional. He owns IoT News Network, an independent resource for the Internet of Things and he is the founder of the UX Salon – an international UX Design conference in Tel-Aviv. His passion lies in the intersection of the physical and digital worlds and he is often invited to speak about emerging Design and UX trends.
  • Julia Khusainova (US): She is an Experience Designer at Airbnb. Julia’s areas of expertise include user experience, interaction and visual design, product development and art direction & photography. In her lecture, Julia will walk us through her process for developing new products from ideation, testing and validation, development, to release and beyond — achieving business goals without compromising the UX.
  • Emanuela Damiani (DE): She works as a UX designer at Mozilla, building a design system for Firefox. Her talk, based on real life experiences, explores how design is changing in the digital age, beyond the initial delivery of specifications and blueprints, to an adaptive co-creation process that evolves iteratively over time.
  • Sagit Siegal (IL): She leads the UX team at Thomson Reuters Israel. Her lecture will be about how non-native English speakers encounter difficulties using English interfaces. These difficulties make people skip or ignore features, free interpretation, and more. She will share their findings, possible causes of problems, and solutions that we can implement immediately to improve the UX.
  • Philip Bonhard (UK): He will talk about how new financial startups have been able to create a Customer Experience Revolution based on designing a completely customer-centric technology. We need to consider how difficult it is for a new financial startup to be successful in such an old and static market.

Save the list of confirmed speakers that we are continually updating in your bookmarks : https://www.webexpo.net/prague2017/speakers/

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