Voice UI/UX - Designing for your ears, not your eyes

Zuckerfabrik/menonthemoon GmbH
Ullmannstraße 16 Vienna Vienna 1150
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(UTC +01:00) Vienna
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Event Description

We are proud to host Clive K. Lavery at the Zuckerfabrik for this workshop on "Voice UI/UX - Designing for your ears, not your eyes".

Workshop content:
The established UX/UI Design community has, over the years, developed many methods and tools for creating useful and beautiful interfaces for all sorts of screens. While we still don’t agree on everything, most of us can agree on what a well-designed screen looks like and how to get there.

With the advent of Google Assistant, Cortana, Siri and Alexa and seemingly every expert uttering that voice will be the Next Big Thing, what does this mean for us as screen-based designers? Is there anything we can bring to the table to create meaningful and enjoyable experiences for voice interactions? Can we apply our tools and methods for graphical user interfaces aka GUIs to the somewhat restricted world of voice user interfaces aka VUIs? Should designers learn to speak? And how does sound come into the equation?

In this workshop Clive will teach you:
- The present limitations and future opportunities of Voice
- What to consider when designing for VUIs vs GUIs
- When to consider multi-modal approaches that combine VUI and GUI
- Skills, Tools and methods we can already apply and what we need to learn
- To get excited about Voice & Sound as a design ingredient

*** Requirements ***
Attendees are required to bring their own macOS or Windows 10 computer and an iOS or Android device.

About Clive K. Lavery:
Clive is a Freelance UX Person and Full-Stack Human Being with more than 10 years of experience helping leading digital agencies and in-house teams to make their users and clients happy. As the son of a German mother and an English father, he is also very good at being annoyingly pedantic while drinking large amounts of tea. Based in Berlin, Clive is a proud part of the Adobe XDI team and an active member of the European UX scene where he has co-organized Europe’s largest topical BarCamp, revived the local UX Book Club and mentors students for Career Foundry. He is currently exploring the impact of Voice and Sound Design on UX and thinking about how to use his skills for Social Good rather than just solving first world problems and making rich companies richer.

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199 Euro

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