VL/HCC 2013 - IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing

San Jose, CA, USA
- San Jose USA

Event Description

Important dates

  • Abstract submissions: 1 March 2013
  • Paper submissions: 8 March 2013
  • Notification of reviews: 10 May 2013
  • Rebuttals due: 17 May 2013
  • Notification of final decision: 31 May 2013
  • Camera-readies due: 28 June 2013

From the beginning of the computer age, people have sought easier ways
to learn, express, and understand computational ideas. Whether this
meant moving from punch cards to textual languages, or command lines
to graphical UIs, the quest to make computation easier to express,
manipulate, and understand by a broader group of people is an ongoing
challenge. The IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric
Computing (VL/HCC) is the premier international forum for research on
this topic. Established in 1984, the mission of the conference is to
support the design, theory, application and evaluation of computing
technologies and languages for programming, modeling and
communicating, which are easier to learn, use, and understand by

Scope and Topics
We solicit original, unpublished research papers that focus on efforts
to design, formalize, implement, and evaluate computing languages and
development tools that are easier to learn, easier to use, and easier
to understand. This includes languages and tools expressed not only as
text, but through any other means (visual, sketch-based, gesture-based,
or otherwise). This also includes languages and tools intended for a
wide range of audiences, including professional software developers,
novice programmers, or other any other people who find a need to
express computational ideas. We also seek papers that address
cognitive, social, cultural, and theoretical aspects of efforts to
lower barriers to computing.

Areas of interest inclu