UXZ Conference

Venues of OKsystem
Na Pankráci 125 Prague 4 140 21
Time zone:
(UTC +01:00) Prague
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Event Description

What to expect from this year’s UX conference? There will be approximately 10 to 16 tools on the programme, which we will try to brief you on. From those more familiar to those less well-known. Do not expect there will be prototyping tools only. You can look forward to Sketch, Figma, Framer, TreeJack, but also ordinary pen and paper, Product Reaction cards, HotJar, OverFlow or AirTable and more.

What to not expect is a detailed introduction to tools or demonstrations for experts. The aim is to familiarise you with a wider range of tools and their appropriate use so that later you know where to go and what to do. We will not teach you to use the tools perfectly.

Event Fees

6 038 CZK

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20 %

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