UXDX Copenhagen

Snaregade 12, 1205 Copenhagen
Time zone:
(UTC +02:00) Copenhagen
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Event Description

UXDX Copenhagen is all about sharing & implementing best practices to better integrate UX/UI into the Devops loop with the goal of creating one autonomous team.

What you can expect:

• Unique opportunities to learn strategies on how to reduce constraints & improve collaboration.

• Insight on outcome-oriented thinking.

• Learn best practice from industry leaders including Zendesk, Netguru, Nordea Markets, Realm & Pleo.

• Intimate networking with like-minded professionals.

This event is for both startups who are launching a new product right through to large corporations working on speeding up their release cycles.

The event is almost free, as it only €10 which includes, networking, beer and food.

Join us and lets start talking about integrated UX/UI!

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