UX Designers Camp

Usce b.b., Blok 14 Belgrade Serbia 11000
Time zone:
(UTC +02:00) Helsinki
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Event Description

UX Designers Camp 2019 is the first multifunctional camp in Europe that provides remote work and education for User Experience Professionals.

At the camp, they want to give you more space and time to network with people from the same industry, exchange feedback and establish deeper connections.

This great camp organizes workshops, lectures and an unconference for you to improve knowledge of user experience. And if you’ve ever wondered what the life of digital nomads is like, now you can test it out for a week. You don’t have to waste your vacation days, keep working while improving yourself personally and professionally.

Why You Should Attend?

  • Education: Participate in talks and workshops with experienced UX practitioners.
  • Discussions: Exchange opinions about the most vibrant UX topics.
  • Remote Work: Explore beauties of Serbia while you keep working on your own stuff.
  • Connections: Establish closer connections with 30+ hand-selected designers.

Vitaly Friedman, Co-Founder at Smashing Magazine, said that;

I can’t express my gratitude and sincere appreciation of the wonderful thing that UX Designer’s Camp was for me. A huge round of applause for the wonderful effort and people who made it happen, and chose to invite me (yes, me!) among all the remarkable people who will come to the Mokrin house this week. I’m privileged, grateful and honored to be part of it. And I would love to see you all again soon!

Event Fees

600 - 1200 EUR

Discount to IDF Members

10% off the ticket price

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