UX 360° – Certified UX & Usability Expert, Leipzig

Leipzig Leipzig 04103
Time zone:
(UTC +01:00) Berlin
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Event Description

The Internet, tablets and smartphones have long been our constant companion. Content, functions and applications want to be used across the channels and media-converged - information and services should always be accessible at all times. An excellent "user experience" ensures satisfied customers, increases credibility, ensures a positive reception in social media and increases the reputation of a company. In this seminar, you will learn how to develop innovative, successful and user-friendly websites, apps and software that will satisfy and delight your users and customers.

This seminar will enable you to successfully create websites, mobile apps, and software. You will learn and use the methods of user experience design, human centered design and design thinking as effective and goal-oriented tools for designing innovative, intelligent and useful products. You will get to know and apply the entire spectrum of methods of user experience design - from analysis to strategy, design, prototyping and testing. You will be able to successfully design digital information services, brief and control external service providers, or communicate more effectively with stakeholders or advise them internally.

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