UrbanIxD Summer School: Human Interactions in the Networked City

Split, Croatia
- Split

Event Description

The UrbanIxD Summer School will be grounded in the emerging discipline of urban interaction design. The Summer School will address the domain of technologically augmented, data-rich urban environments, with a particular emphasis on human activities, experiences and behaviours.

Theme of the Summer School

Explosive innovation and adoption of computing, mobile devices, and rich sources of data are changing the cities in which we live, work, and play. It's about us, and how computing in the context of our cities is changing how we live. The urban spaces of the future will be saturated with both visible and hidden media that gather and transmit information. How we as physical beings connect with, interpret and shape the increase of data residing in our environment will be a significant challenge.
The UrbanIxD Summer School will explore our relationship with data in the Networked City of the near future. The approach will focus on human interactions and how these might change and develop and thereby impact on the development of cities. The output of the Summer School will provide the opportunity to rethink what intelligent connected communities of the future might actually look like.

Format of the Summer School

The Summer School will be an 8-day interdisciplinary, workshop-style event hosted by the Department of Visual Communications Design, Arts Academy, University of Split. Croatia.
International speakers will address the theme of Human Interactions in the Networked City, from different perspectives. However the focus of the Summer School is on activity, and participants will spend most of their time working in Atelier groups. These groups will be led by experienced practitioners and researchers and will consider the theme of the Summer School from different viewpoints.
The Summer School will conclude with a public showcase of the outputs of the Atelier groups and this work will contribute to the