SOUPS 2013 - Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security 2013

Newcastle, United Kingdom
- Newcastle

Event Description

We invite authors to submit original papers describing research or experience in all areas of usable privacy and security. Topics include, but are not limited to:

-innovative security or privacy functionality and design,
-new applications of existing models or technology,
-field studies of security or privacy technology,
-usability evaluations of new or existing security or privacy features,
-security testing of new or existing usability features,
longitudinal studies of deployed security or privacy features,
-the impact of organizational policy or procurement decisions, and
-lessons learned from the deployment and use of usable privacy and security features,
-reports of replicating previously published studies and experiments,
-reports of failed usable security studies or experiments, with the focus on the lessons learned from such experience.

All submissions must relate to both usability and either security or privacy. Papers on security or privacy applications that do not address usability or human factors will not be considered.

Papers need to describe the purpose and goals of the work, cite related work, show how the work effectively integrates usability and security or privacy, and clearly indicate the innovative aspects of the work or lessons learned as well as the contribution of the work to the field.

Papers must use the SOUPS formatting template (available for MS Word or LaTeX) and be up to 12 pages in length, excluding the bibliography and any supplemental appendices. Authors have the option to attach to their paper supplemental appendices containing study materials (e.g. surveys) that would not otherwise fit within the body of the paper. These appendices may be included to assist reviewers who may have questions that fall outside the stated contribution of your paper, on which your work is to be evaluated. Reviewers are not requ