PID-MAD 2013: Workshop on Prototyping to Support the Interaction Designing in Mobile Appli

Munich, Germany
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Event Description

PID-MAD 2013
Workshop on Prototyping to Support the Interaction Designing in Mobile Application Development
August 27, 2013, Munich, Germany
Held in conjunction with 15th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services (MobileHCI 2013)

Recent changes in the mobile environments; such as multi-touch gestures, usage of sensors, or single-focused mobile apps; brought several challenges for interaction designers in communicating their ideas and thoughts enduring early design activities. Traditional prototyping techniques may not provide sufficient support due to the lack of mobile interaction paradigms in them. Therefore, a shift is required in prototyping techniques and approaches in order to support properly the interaction design process of mobile application development for the current mobile environments. Targeting these concerns, the workshop envisions that the research must address the need to change in existing prototyping techniques as well as focusing on novel prototyping approaches and frameworks that would support not only the interaction design process but the whole development process of mobile app development.

Topics of interest for paper submissions include, but are not limited to:

* Novel approaches and frameworks for building sketches, mockups, wireframes, and prototypes suitable for mobile environment.
* Tools and environments support for building mockups/wireframes/prototypes for mobile environments.
* Novel approaches for utilizing prototyping in other phases of mobile application development, such as in development or in testing.
* Prototyping approaches that focus on leveraging sensor usage (e.g., using the accelerometer)