PervasiveHealth 2013 - 7th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies fo

Venice, Italy
- Venice

Event Description

Conference Aims

The overall goal of the conference remains tightly coupled with the original aims of the field, to address a set of related technologies and concepts that help integrate healthcare more seamlessly into everyday life, regardless of space and time. To achieve this, it is necessary to take a multidisciplinary approach to Pervasive Healthcare Technology research and development.

The Pervasive Healthcare Community has a broad scope of research topics and concerns:
identify and understand problems from a technological, social, and medical perspective (with a particular emphasis on understanding and supporting patient needs);
design, implementation, and evaluation of supporting hardware and software infrastructures, algorithms, and applications; and
organisational strategies that facilitate integration of Pervasive Healthcare Technology into the healthcare enterprise.

The 2013 edition of Pervasive Healthcare conference aims to gather technology experts, practitioners, industry and international authorities contributing towards the assessment, development and deployment of pervasive medical based technologies, standards and procedures.
Traditional healthcare environments are extremely complex and challenging to manage, as they are required to cope with an assortment of patient conditions under various circumstances with a number of resource constraints. Pervasive healthcare technologies seek to respond to a variety of these pressures by successfully integrating them within existing health care environments.
Technologies, standards and procedures on their own provide little and or no meaningful service. It is essential that pervasive healthcare environments, through a combined approach of data collection, data correlation and data presentation, assist health care professionals in delivering high levels of patient care, and empower individuals and their families for