Persuasive Technology 2013

Sydney, Australia
- Sydney

Event Description

We are very pleased to announce Persuasive Technology 2013, Sydney, Australia, April 3-5 2013.

Persuasive Technology is a vibrant interdisciplinary research field, focusing on the design and
development of interactive technologies that may create, maintain, or change human thought and
behavior. The combination of research methods from rhetoric, social psychology, and communication
with cutting-edge mobile and information technologies brings the special flavor of the Persuasive
Technology conference series.

The 8th International Conference on Persuasive Technology (Persuasive-2013) will be held in Sydney,
Australia, and will build on the success of previous conferences held at Eindhoven, Stanford, Oulu,
Copenhagen, Claremont, Columbus, and Linköping. Academics, students, and practitioners interested
in theory, technologies, design, and applications related to persuasion are invited to submit their works
for presentation at the Conference.


The general theme of Persuasive-2013 is persuasive technologies in entertainment and eCommerce
applications. This highlights the importance and challenges raised by the deployment of persuasive
technologies in the commercial realm. Themes of the conference include, but are not limited to:

• Theory and design of persuasion
• Persuasion and social media
• Persuasive interfaces and visualization
• Tailored and personalised persuasion
• Evaluation of persuasive applications
• Mass and organizational persuasion
• Persuasion through entertainment
• Persuasion in commercial applications
• Ethical/privacy aspects of persuasion
• Persuasion for healthy living
• Persuasion for sustainable environment
• Mobile and ubiquitous pers