Mensch & Computer 2012

Konstanz, Germany
- Konstanz

Event Description

It is only recently that through the influence of innovative, networked digital technology, we have developed a new understanding of how we inform ourselves and how we disseminate information. The touch screens of our ultra-flat tablet computers react to our natural gestures. Smart mobile phones are our companion on business trips and leisure. Large touch panels allow for new ways of interaction with information in museums. 3D cameras transfer our movements into video games. Our increasingly rich ways of interacting with information changed not only the way we communicate but also how we make our decisions.

The “Mensch & Computer 2012” conference in Konstanz takes these technological developments as a prospect to explore and critically discuss contributions from researchers of the discipline “Human-Computer Interaction” under the motto ”interactive information – omnipresent and all-encompassing!?”.

The conference provides numerous opportunities to discuss current state of the art in research and practice within lectures, workshops, panel discussions, tutorials, demos and exhibitions. Hosts of the conference are the special interest group in Human-Computer Interaction of the “Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.” and the “German UPA e.V.”.