ISMAR 2010

Seoul, Korea
- Seoul
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Event Description

Call for Participation

The 2010 ISMAR Arts, Media and Humanities chairs invite artists, scholars, media practitioners, who can shed new light on emerging new relations within the future of Mixed and Augmented Reality. We would welcome musings, probings, discourses, insights, and imaginations to be presented in Seoul Korea October 13-16, 2010 in the form of long and short papers, art installations, panels, workshops or tutorials.

This theme of this year’s ISMAR conference is \"Borderless\" sparked by the convergence of Mixed and Augmented Reality, ubiquitous technology and global connectivity. In the rapidly emerging application of Mixed and Augmented Reality, how do we make sense of time and space now?

With no clear-cut boundary between what is natural and artificial, we are faced with ambiguity, transience, and contingency. How will melting the boundaries between real, virtual and imaginary realities transform our world?
Topics and Themes

The scope of the conference includes, but is not limited to, the following major topics:

* Case studies, deployment and evaluation of AR in the context of art installations, performance, cultural heritage or multimedia literacy,
* Explorations of interaction and interactivity for AR/MR installation performance or humanities,
* The applications of performance studies perspectives to AR and MR technologies and applications, including such themes as liveness, performativity, ritual, mediation, and presence.
* Discussion of interdisciplinary, trans-disciplinary collaboration for AR/MR experience design,
* Studies of the creation, design and production of AR/MR applications for storytelling and dramatization in museums and other historic sites.
* Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality Tools, Librairies, Framework developed by artists for artists or by humanists for humanists,
* The application of media stud