ISMAR 2009 Conference

Orlando, Florida, USA
- Orlando USA

Event Description

We solicit artists and theorists, authors, creators, designers and scholars to participate to the new ISMAR Art, Humanities and Media Program. We are encouraging the arts and humanities communities to bring their own vision and work in this area to the leading conference on augmented reality and mixed reality technology.

We are particularly interested in works that push the boundaries of what is thought of as AR/MR and offer new modes of combining the digital and the material—moes in which media can be localized and our sense of place can be mediatized. Projects can range from fully realized interactive technical systems to compelling concepts. We are seeking projects that fall within the noted themes listed below and engage with contemporary theoretical issues and positions within the humanities.

This program will be highly multi-disciplinary and aspire to touch areas as fine art, visual and performing art, music, film, and theatre, as well as the design disciplines, thet humanities, and the social sciences. Our goal is to make ISMAR 2009 a place to exchange ideas between the humanities community and scientists and technologists, foster creativity and discussions, and propose a unique platform for humanists and artists to benefit of state of the art technology.

Topics and Themes

The scope of the conference includes, but is not limited to, the following major topics:

Case studies, the deployment and the evaluation of AR in the context of art installations, performance, cultural heritage or multimedia literacy,

Explorations of interaction and interactivity for AR/MR applications for AR/MR installation performance or humanities,

The applications of performance studies perspectives to AR and MR technologies and applications, including such themes as liveness, performativity, ritual, medi