Intersection Conference

Via Vincenzo Forcella, 6, 20144 Milano MI Milano Italy 20144
Time zone:
(UTC +02:00) Rome
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Event Description

Our Goal is to create an event where people can share the processes and methodologies behind highly-usable technological products designed to make a positive impact on the world.

We are a team of designers and developers who believe that building great products require synergy and trust of each other's expertise.

Immerse yourself in a unique professional event, tailored to delight and connect IA, UX & UI professionals from all around Europe.


1. Design and development strategy:

Look at your projects from a different perspective, bring new techniques in your workflow and improve every aspect of your processes, from requirements collection to design and development.

2. Design and development frontiers:

How new techniques, tools, technologies and interaction trends can foster collaboration between teams and positively impact our future work.

3. Design and development teams management:

Discover strategies for setting up successful ux and dev teams and how to integrate them in your processes more effectively.

4. Diversity and inclusion:

Guidelines and best practices on how to embrace diversity in the workplace and design + develop inclusive product

Event Fees

Early Bird 195€ - Standard Ticket 300€

Discount to IDF Members


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