International IFIP Working Conference on Value-Driven Social Semantics & Collective Intell

Paris France
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Event Description

Goals and Motivation:

The IFIP Working Group 12.7 on Social Semantics and Collective Intelligence introduces this workshop to reach out to the broader scientific community.

The key goal of this workshop is to establish a multidisciplinary forum that searches for and studies the theoretical foundations, new paradigms, methodologies, technologies, and practical applications that will bring us to a more explicit and meaningful understanding of collective intelligence and social (networking) semantics on the largely tacit Value Web.

In other words: how do knowledge- and social-connectivity on the Web contribute to (social/business) value co-creation and the other way around; and how can we use this knowledge to discover new ways of value co-creation? Secondly, it aims to investigate and promote the applications of such systems in science, industry, and society at large, including opportunities for standardization.
Why the topic is of particular interest at this time
This workshop narrows the study of Web Science down by focusing on the role of Web relationships as a catalyst for innovation, i.e., a Value Web. This brings us to the central problem statement of this workshop: How can organisations or people (transform so they can) harness the Web to collectively produce value?

Topics include, but are not limited to:

theory, formal models, e.g. ontologies, and emerging new paradigms of organized and informal value-creating communities and their collaborative processes
semantics of data and knowledge about value objects - inherent to Web relationships - that would lead them to gravitate towards unanticipated value propositions on the Value Web.
auto-emergence of social semantics; harvesting and mining collective intelligence from community interactions;
social network effects and collective intelligence
emergent establishment of relationships to collectively produce value