Inputs-Outputs 2013 - Inter-disciplinary Approaches to Causality in Engagement, Immersion,

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Event Description

Engagement is much sought after in the public discourse of politics, theatre and education. Immersion, presence, and motivation attract further research to the engagement continuum. The goal of this symposium is to inspire an interdisciplinary spectrum of academics, practitioners and funders interested in deeper engagement (and related terms) toward novel collaborative solutions and projects. By mixing practitioners and researchers from arts, media and science, the conference will offer a platform for adaptation of discoveries made in other disciplines.

The title “Inputs/Outputs” concerns the interaction between ‘sender’ and ‘receiver’. Examples of human-centred inputs are computer games, immersive theatre, novels, music, and classroom lessons; examples of outputs are emotions, memories, neural activities, physiological changes, and motivated behaviours.

The rationale for the symposium is to improve the models for understanding the relationship between cause (pre-designed or scripted interventions) and effects (emotions, memories, neural activities) engendered in the audience or end-user. In interactive experiences, proposing causal relationships is made more difficult as human responses are sometimes conflated with causes. The symposium will focus its inter-disciplinary discourse on teasing apart scripted factors (inputs to the audience) that elicit or cause states like engagement, and on the human, observable effects that result from states like engagement (outputs from the audience).

Presentations will mainly be concerned with the core concepts of the conference:

  • The relationship between physical, emotional, and intellectual engagement

  • Results from assessment and quantification of engagement in different fields

  • Methodologies and modalities for measuring engagement in different fields

Other relevant topics include: rapport, immersion, ‘presence’, hypnotic ab

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