HAID'13 - Haptic and Audio Interaction Design

Daejeon, Korea
- Daejeon

Event Description

Now in its 8th year, HAID is the premier venue for cutting-edge research on human-computer interaction through touch and sound. HAID'13 invites paper and posters submissions from all related disciplines and on all aspects of non-visual interaction design. We anticipate that accepted papers will be published in the Springer LNCS journal series. We are very pleased to host HAID'13 (URL) in conjunction with WorldHaptics 2013 (http://www.haptics2013.org/). Registration packages to facilitate and combine attendance at both events will be available.

HAID'13 invites researchers and practitioners to submit, discuss and exchange design ideas and research findings on a wide range topics spanning appropriate, effective and esoteric use of haptics and audio in interaction design. How can we design effective haptic, audio and multimodal interfaces? In what new application areas can we apply these techniques? Are there design methods that are useful? Or evaluation techniques that are particularly appropriate? Non-visual interaction is a challenging field and a growing area both in research and in commercial application and HAID'13 will provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of the latest findings, approaches and case studies. HAID'13 especially welcomes submissions relating to mobile haptic and audio interaction and those which go beyond lab-work to apply techniques to real world settings.

HAID'13 is a direct successor to the successful workshop series inaugurated in Glasgow in 2006 and subsequently held in Seoul (2007), Jyväskylä (2008), Dresden (2009), Copenhagen (2010), Kyoto (2011) and Lund (2012). The aim of HAID'13 is to bring together researchers and practitioners who share an interest in finding out how the haptic and audio modalities can be used together in human computer interaction.

We invite your papers, posters, demonstrations and exhibits/design cases on these topics, and look forward to seeing you in Daejeon in A