Guidance on Gesture Interactions and Interfaces (G2I2)

Saskatoon, Canada
- Saskatoon

Event Description

USERLab (at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada) is hosting on behalf of ISO TC159/SC4/WG9 Tactile/haptic interactions a unique conference on Guidance on Gesture Interactions and Interfaces (G2I2) to accumulate guidance that can form the basis of international standards on the design and use of gestures and gesture interfaces.

Topics of Interest include:

Frameworks of gestures or gesture interactions that can be used for organizing and applying guidance
Guidance on producing gestures (including methods, capabilities limitations, etc.)
- gestures produced by various human body parts (e.g. fingers, hands, arms, eyes, whole body), including substituting body parts (e.g. foot for hand, left hand for right hand)
- gestures produced by direct human interaction with tactile/haptic input devices (e.g. mice, touch surfaces, pointing devices, specialty devices)
- gestures produced by technology (e.g. robotics, visual presentation of gestures on display devices)
Guidance on receiving gestures
- reception of gestures via direct contact with tactile/haptic devices/senses
- reception of gestures via (computer or human) vision
Guidance on understanding gestures, including but not limited to
meaning of individual gestures (including variations on a gesture)
discriminability issues between different gestures
- reserving certain gestures for universal applicability
- origins of gestures (e.g. existing symbols, actions, metaphors)
- cultural differences affecting gestures
- merits of intuitive vs. non-intuitive gestures
- gestures with and without physical objects
- families of gestures (including distinctions between and combinations of gestures)
- gesture vocabularies (including machine based vocabularies and human sign languages)
- providing feedback to gestures
Guidance on various aspects of gestures, including but no