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Event Description


Designathon is an event that aims to bring people together. You are expected, as a group, to deliver an awesome functional prototype following Google's Design Sprint Kit guidelines. The theme will be disclosed at the event. You have 48 hours to have fun!

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For whom?

This event is made for Designers with a special emphasis in the User Experience, Customer Experience, User Interface, Interaction Design fields.

How does this work?

You just have to show up, contribute with your awesome ideas and try to get the prize at the end!

We have snacks & drinks during the event.

What am I going to do?

  • Develop communication skills and knowledge sharing
  • Solve real problems through Design-Thinking and creativity
  • Meet exceptional people
  • Learn, win prizes and have a lot of fun!

Event Schedule (we are expecting some changes that will be announced at the latest)

Saturday (14/09)

Understand / diverge / converge

09:00 - Registration

10:00 - Introduction, Google's Design Sprint Kit description

10:30 - Group formation and icebreaker

10:45 - Learn about your users

13:00 - Build a user journey map

--- Lunch Break---

15:30 - Define goals and target, define features

16:00 - Draw solutions

17:00 - Learn with all the drawn solutions

18:30 - Select the best approach

19.30 – Talks&drinks

Sunday (15/09)

Build and test

09:30 - Icebreaker/Energizer

09:45 - Resume activities

12:00 - Test with users and get feedback

--- Lunch Break---

14:30 - Learn and adjust storyboard

16:30 - Improve and final thoughts

18:00 - Project submission

18:30 - Deliberation of the Judges

19:00 - Announcement of winner Functional Prototype and award ceremony, Acknowledgments and closing Session

Important Notes:

You should bring a computer with the software you see fit and a camera/phone for any photographs or recording you may want to take. Keep in mind that you cannot photograph or record users while on the testing phase without their express consent.
You must register as a team, between 3-5 elements. One of the elements must be responsible for the UX.

How to create and submit a team:

Create a team and subscribe the team that you created.
If you were the one creating the team, you are the team leader. You should be able to see the designated page (example here: to edit and manage your team, as well as the shareable link to invite team members directly (we strongly advise you to use this method). Invite team members or ask them to search for the team name.
If you haven't invited any team members through the link, they can still find it by searching your team name when they register for the event by the exact words you used while creating it.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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