Design Matters 16

Langelinie Pavillionen
Langelinie 10 Copenhagen Ø Copenhagen 2100
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Event Description

Design Matters 16 from the 28th - 29th September 2016 brings together design practitioners from the best and most happening companies around the world for 2 days of talks, discussions, workshops and socializing.

Currently, there is a new tone of voice appearing in apps and websites - a relaxed, friendly and joyful attitude towards users, which is changing the way we engage with apps and websites. The new attitude is breaking down borders between users and the interface – and making the experience much more personal, engaging and fun!

Our speakers (so far) are from Slack, Phillips, Buzzfeed, BBC, Google, Youtube, Wunderlist, Marks & Spencer, Khora VR, frog, REFUNITE, New York University, Eloomi and much more.

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5.695 DKK

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