CEE-SECR 2012 - Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference

Moscow, Russia
- Moscow

Event Description

CEE-SECR is an independent conference focused on scientific and practical developments in the software industry with the participation of researchers and engineers, developers, opinion leaders, production managers, entrepreneurs, and investors. Over the past seven years, the Conference has earned considerable respect as the foremost professional event for the software industry in Russia and Eastern Europe. Conference topics incorporate both the engineering aspects of software production (algorithms, data structures, technologies, methodologies and tools), and related topics that include education, human resource management, investment in software production, and the creation and development of technology startups. The list of keynote speakers from previous conferences includes Jeff Sutherland, Bertrand Meyer, Bjarne Stroustrup, Thomas Erl, Grady Booch, Ivar Jacobson, Erich Gamma, Michael Cusumano, Larry Constantine, Lars Bak, Michael Fagan, Bill Hefley, Rick Kazman, Yuri Gurevich, Steve Masters, Mark Paulk and other software thought leaders as well as VP-s and Technical Fellows of major high-tech corporations.

CEE-SECR 2012 will take place on November 1-2 in Moscow at the Digital October Center.

To get the early-bird price please register before August 31.

Prices and discounts: http://www.cee-secr.org/for-participants/payment-info

Speakers participate for free.
1,000 Euro award is established for the Best Research Paper in the field of Software Engineering presented at the Conference.