World Usability Day 2018: Dark UX Case Studies and Actions You Can Take

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss World Usability Day 2018: Dark UX Case Studies and Actions You Can Take held on Nov 8, 2018. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else. This event is $20 per person.

Remember to sign up or see details here:

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Hello Laura and IDF LA Chapter,

Thanks for this. What a great speaker line up and very compelling invite ...Sold!

I’m a new student of IDF and the innovation stream ( with 12 years in CPG sales/business development prior to waking up to my passions )

Since I’m at the beginning stages , I’d love to review and prep questions. If you could advise on the below I would be most grateful.

-What will be the agenda topics?

-May I bring a guest, and if so-do I purchase a ticket for her or him too?

-Can you clarify if all events are free or not free, because the text is unclear. Does the “meets are free for IDF members” message just pop up as a default ?

*If you have tips for new members to maximize their learning & opportunities , I’d really appreciate the direction.

Thanks so much for organizing this. Look forward to meeting you all!



Hi Lindsay!

I'm very happy you're enthusiastic and willing to come to the event.

Here are a couple topics on the agenda:

  • How Good UX Designers Can Save the Climate from Evil Darkness - Jill Vacarra
  • How I’ve Failed Users (So You Don’t Have To) - Michael Newcomb

Good catch on the note about the event being free - I'm sorry, I didn't notice that and I understand the confusion. The event is not free, as it's hosted by UXPALA, not IDF. It costs $20 per person. You'll need to purchase a ticket for any guests using the link I provided (which goes to the Eventbrite page).

For your * question, my biggest tip is to find out about the different UX groups in LA, sign up to their Meetup pages or Slack groups or newsletters, and attend their events - or volunteer with one of them like I've done (it's perfect for networking, getting a close look at UX projects or even participating in them, and building relationships with UX professionals who have a wealth of knowledge to share)! Check out this IDF discussion I started a few months ago. When you attend an event, introduce yourself to the people around you and find the hosts and do the same with them - they're usually warm, welcoming people. Let me know if this helps!

Hi Laura,

Fantastic, thank you for clarifying. The tips noted are incredibly helpful, and I'll definitely be following along in the discussion resource you created. You're the best!

To your point, I am definitely loving the warmth and sense of belonging in the community. It feels great to see how passionate and invested the community is, and feel so connected to the content.

looking forward!


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