UXGo with Coffee

Hi everyone,

Hope you are doing great. I would love to hear some suggestions about the venue for the meetup. Please share your comments below.



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U should come over to Nasscom in Salt Lake Sector 5. There will be a Google Developers Group session on June 29th. If you want you can surely join the session at 10a.m sharp. It will continue till around 4 o clock. I wont be able to attend tomorrow but you can go to the venue to check it out, talk and take my name there. I am a Community Volunteer of the GDG group. Happy Networking. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/knightcube :)

Thanks Rajat for your response. Are they going to give us a separate session or room for our discussion or you want us to seat with them and join the Google Developers Group session. But I think if we get a separate room that will be good for us to discuss.

You can sit with them and join the session. You can discuss later on in the lunch and networking session. Please make sure you register here - https://www.meetup.com/GDG-Kolkata/events/26223039...

Hi all,

How many of you are coming tomorrow at City Centre 2 tomorrow?. I will be there at food court. For any question please mail me at sugatadutch2012@gmail.com. Also, you can bring any of your friends for meetup.



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