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Please use this discussion thread to discuss the User Psychology event, to be held on 13 September 2019.

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It will be difficult to cover entire topic in one hour..

So more discussions to come in future, but for now,
If you have questions regards to User Psychology then please let me know I will try to cover them in Webinar, So this way we touch base some more aspects.


All Thanks for Registering for This Webinar.

Just make note Webinar is Reschedule on Next Friday Due to some reasons.
And also no Questions came,
Sorry for inconvenience.

As in Last post - Again requesting it is better if some questions form participants , Post them here

@Tushar Thanks for the update. But the info came too late for me. Already rescheduled my day as per our meet up.

I work on a product that is majorly B2B, in the same area I have a few questions for the meet up:

1. How different platforms affect the User's psychology. Majorly Large screens (Laptop) vs Mobile/tablets

2. In my experience, laptop vs mobile, users have different expectations of both platforms. But if we had to create a web tool's equivalent on the mobile - what should we keep in mind?

3. Would also like to know what affordances we can provide the user, considering the mobile platforms, especially for complex tasks - keeping in mind the user's psychology on it.

4. Most importantly - does the design affordances change if were to design B2B vs B2C, on mobile/Large Screens

Thats it for now, but will surely note down more Qs during the meetup.

If anyone want to be part of Pune IDF WhatsApp group kindly msg me on 8108058866 (with Your Name - and LinkedIn link)


This is Suraj Joshi. I have been designing websites from last 18 years and in core UX for almost 14 years..... Presently trying to understand the impact of website/app navigation on user psychology and the change in their behaviour while interacting back with the same. Looking forward…..


Suraj Joshi


thanks for showing interest.
I am looking forward

As mention earlier please use below link

and try to login at-least 5 - 10 mins earlier and please check your microphones as this will be mostly Audio session to save bandwidth you can disable Video Streaming -



Please use below link for Further Questions and Feedback on Webinar


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